Cornel West: Obama is a War Criminal + Julian Assange: What Makes Us Civil is Education

Julian ASSANGE arrested, painted portrait - Wikileaks

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ignoredvoices on May 9, 2013

Influential philosopher and historian West is disappointed with Obama.


Julian Assange speaks with Tavis Smiley & Cornel West

TheEthanwashereMay 12, 2013

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange sits down with West at the Ecuadorian embassy in London to talk about his latest text, Cypherpunks. May 10th 2013


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13 thoughts on “Cornel West: Obama is a War Criminal + Julian Assange: What Makes Us Civil is Education

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  8. Although I have had issues with Cornell West’s part in the demise of the presidential campaign of Howard Dean, Let bygones be bygones. He adds so much to the discussion of government gone astray. Thanks.

  9. I love Cornel West–always have. Everything he says is absolutely on target. And of course, a conversation like this would be totally out of the question on American mass media outlets, which is only interested in commentary that does not veer outside the mainstream.

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  11. It’s the institutional racism that is so difficult to do anything about. The only answer that holds any hope for true equality and justice among people is first, to recognize the extent of the ways our systems discriminate, second, to develop better systems, and third, to shift our consciousness spiritually to the truth of our precious coexistence as beings sharing a planet, and that each of us has responsibility to make it good for each other. Thank you, Cornel West, for sharing your astute observations.

    • I agree Ariel. The systemics are flawed. It starts right here, where the buck stops, with us as individuals. Each one of us who is prepared to act confidently as a co-evolutionary being will bring about the desirable sea-change in our collective ecological consciousness.

      For the butterfly effect to work, first the chrysalis has to metamorphose, as Elisabet Sahtouris illustrates so beautifully in her prolific evolutionary work counseling and inspiring.

      Influencing the “masses” is Bernaysian stone-age logic, sheer, redundant corporate spin-and-speak. It is authoritarian diktat from “de facto” power. All we have to do is call the bluff. It falls to us as individuals to assert the courage of our moral convictions and live in our own skins by affirming our intuitive, instinctive sense of ethical conduct.

      I believe our deepest responsibility is to acknowledge that the purest survival instinct is the radical exercise of social intelligence, and by acting uniquely from our individual strength of purpose, to discard and disempower mindless pathological propaganda.

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