Elizabeth Kucinich: The Pure Food Movement

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breakingtheset on May 16, 2013

Abby Martin talks to wife of former US Rep. Dennis Kucinich and director of the Center for Food Safety, Elizabeth Kucinich, about the US Senate’s farm bill, the pure food movement, and the need to adopt better agricultural policies that will benefit American citizens.

[begins at 5:57 mins in]


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4 thoughts on “Elizabeth Kucinich: The Pure Food Movement

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  2. Thanks to Abby Martin, always on point.

    So, how to detox America and by implication, the whole industrialized shambles we call the world?

    This is the greatest challenge for civilization (so called;) or rather ~ the supreme task, we must all rise to…or perish.

    People are only reliant on corporate poison because it is peddled so vigorously, especially when sugar-coated as a necessary “evil.” The geniuses of Wall St who underwrite Mad Av flog us easy marks the dogma that our lives depend on their packaged destruction, it’s the only way. No it is not! THEIR lives depend on it. Our lives are dispensable to them, but indispensable to us. Do we really owe them a living?

    That is so primitive! What are these knuckle-head experts like?

    It is not enough to just deliver “facts” to children and adults like slices of pizza; this is what advertisers, governments, schools and the PR media skulls do so predictably badly ~ “patronize us to death” with their “entertaining” sops. When these fail to amuse, threats gets the message across. The general idea is to keep people stupid, and servile.

    What we need is a style of education that insists we ask the right kind of questions, however difficult ~ about life and food; and what the universe is all about. Why should we care about our planet and the way we behave ~ toward nature and the rest of the world? How can “waste” be put to work?

    We need to learn and discuss the moral (ie ecological) landscape of how we provision, why we provision and what is the most intelligent, productive and efficient way to go about it.

    • Thanks, David.

      It is up to us to act. Starting in our own neighborhoods and local government. And our own families. If you or your spouse can homeschool your children, do it. If not, take an active role in educating your children when they are at home.

      “Message of the Day: Hope envisages its future and then acts as if that future is now irresistible, thus helping to create the reality for which it longs. The future is not closed. . . Even a small number of people, firmly committed to the new inevitability on which they have fixed their imaginations, can decisively affect the shape the future takes.
      – Walter Wink, The Powers that Be”

      Ralph Nader talks about this often. We must take an active role in our own civics locally. It also has the benefit of showing your children on how to become good citizens.

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