Noam Chomsky: Drones Are Murder Without Trial


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with Noam Chomsky

Jason Liosatos on May 17, 2013

My interview with Noam Chomsky. We talk about ethical compromises, and government actions without vision or wisdom which is creating terrible consequences and feedback loops. We also talk about the Drone killings, the US terrorist manufacturing campaigns, the dangerous indoctrination and conditioning of soldiers and the public, Navy Seals killing Bin Laden who was only a suspect and the Polio vaccine horror in Pakistan, Sadistic Guantanamo torture, fear, and the great danger of our government and collective psychosis…and more.


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6 thoughts on “Noam Chomsky: Drones Are Murder Without Trial

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  5. “United” Paranoid States…of Schizoid Guilt?

    I’d love to hear a conversation between Noam Chomsky and Bernard Lewis, unlikely now I suppose.

    The disproportionate globalized psychopathies of money-power-influence that have been franchised internationally, are deeply disturbing and disturbed.

    “Top-flight” capitalistic demagogues who constitute (good word) the upper echelons of American society function as a parasitic cancer corrupting the popular historical consciousness and public life. This condition has metastasized through their banking-lawyer-PR infestations into a systemic disease that voraciously feeds on the failing substance of an already sick organism, conveying the deceptive illusion of thriving health through hectic activity.

    By chance I just listened to G Edward Griffin’s extraordinary 1982 interview with Norman Dodds shortly before he died, chief investigator in 1953 for the Reece Special Committee on Tax Exempt Foundations.

    Anyone who is not aware of this remarkable testimony, that is also available online in transcript, would do well to heed its content; since it accurately describes the precise state of affairs the US finds itself in at the present time, casting considerable light on the exponential mechanisms of influence and subversion that have so undermined the political morality of this once promising nation, so idealized by many but now also intensely detested and despised both at home and abroad.

    Excellent Q & A.

    You can’t reform disease, we need a healthier paradigm ~ stronger immunity: cellular integrity maintained through an ethos of symbiotic reciprocity.

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