Brian Halweil: From New York to Africa, Why Food is Saving the World

Growing Red Raspberries

Image by Dandelion Salad via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

TEDxTalks on Apr 6, 2011

Long live the Food Movement! Brian Halweil, publisher of “Edible Manhattan,” discusses the problems with the global food system and the solutions he’s found cropping up everywhere.


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3 thoughts on “Brian Halweil: From New York to Africa, Why Food is Saving the World

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  2. Nice talk, thanks Lo.

    I highly recommend Geoff Lawton’s original Introduction to Permaculture available on YouTube, delivers a terrific amount of invaluable information.

    This is the solution to all our ills. Nature is our greatest teacher. Sustainable aquatic systems, polyculture, agro-ecology, all subsumed within the holistic permaculture design remit ~ what friends of mine who started a growing eco-community initiative in N Portugal call spiritual ecology: that is “reconnecting human beings to Nature.”

    • Thanks, David, glad you enjoyed it. This is the future.

      Btw, I have no idea why your last few comments have been going into the moderation file. Hopefully it will soon stop. Of course, if you ever have a link the comment does go into moderation, but your last few ones did not have links.

      OK, just figured it out. You mentioned “Youtube” and that word is always under moderation. The previous comment was held because you named the person you were responding to, and his name was under moderation.

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