Noam Chomsky: Obama Murders On Executive Whim

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Dandelion Salad

with Noam Chomsky

breakingtheset on May 21, 2013

On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin talks to Dr. Noam Chomsky, philosopher, linguist, professor, political critic, and author of over 100 books, about the Boston bombings, US terror inflicted abroad, drones, Obama’s rebranding of Bush administration policies, the National Defense Authorization Act & Holder v. Humanitarian Law, conventional wisdom, the evolution of media propaganda, and education as a form of elite indoctrination.



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10 thoughts on “Noam Chomsky: Obama Murders On Executive Whim

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  4. The Netherlands Invasion Act! woah…

    This is an excellent interview, adeptly conducted. The corporate US is without doubt a global outlaw of unprecedented precocity.

    It requires a particularly perverse legal psychology to advocate blatant illegality as just, honorable and entirely legitimate, all the while professing devotion to the rule of law as you methodically undermine it.

    What then must we do? The spectral ambition of these insane buffoons conjures disturbing allusions to the sorcerer’s apprentice in Fantasia…

    Professor Chomsky is right about our history, but something has changed in the way people regard themselves. We are evolving, or at least mutating. We can change the rules.

      • A fascinating snippet of independent broadcast history, thank you Lo. truly remarkable.

        I just acquired a copy of Lewis Lapham’s “Pretensions to Empire ~ Notes on the Criminal Folly of the Bush Administration (A Case for Impeachment) ” published in 2006.

        These pretenders are so secure in the bosom of Big Mama Privilege, it is hard to imagine what can shake their confidence. As Chris Hedges makes clear in that other recent post, they know what’s coming, so it’s just all about progressive lock down.

        I’m only wondering quite how the rest of the world is proposing to respond to this lawless Imperium. Are we missing something? Do our governments just expect us to kowtow obediently and lick the jackboot?

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  6. The entire world should protest and force this guy to return the Nobel prize and the money. Didn’t deserve it then, deserves it now even less.

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