Sibel Edmonds on the U.S. Government’s Support for International Terrorism, Heroin and Organized Crime

by Sibel Edmonds
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Originally published by Boiling Frogs Post
May 22, 2013

Sibel Edmonds?

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Last week UK magazine Ceasefire published never-before-disclosed insights into how the Sunday Times investigative series was spiked under the direct pressure of interest groups tied to the US government. The groundbreaking and revelatory exposé is investigated and reported by bestselling author and analyst Dr. Nafeez Ahmed. Continue reading

Chris Hedges Answers “Why Are We Not Calling This Fascism?”

Warning Signs of Fascism

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with Chris Hedges
Writer, Dandelion Salad
May 22, 2013

TheBigPictureRT – May 21, 2013

Chris Hedges, Truthdig, joins Thom Hartmann. The AP scandal is just the latest example of an ongoing – and often corporate backed – assault on our most basic democratic rights.

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