Hell No, GMO! Anti-Monsanto Protests Sweep US

March Against Monsanto Lethbridge

Image by John Novotny via Flickr

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RussiaToday May 26, 2013

Hundreds of thousands across the US joined the worldwide rally against biotech giant Monsanto and genetically engineered crops. MORE INFO & PHOTOS: http://on.rt.com/hbbzf7 & http://on.rt.com/1hmc5w


DC Protest Denounces “Monsanto Protection Act”

TheRealNews May 26, 2013


Global Protest Against Monsanto

TheRealNews May 26, 2013

In more than 400 cities protestors call for a ban in GMO food.


March Against Monsanto: Global protest challenges biotech giant

RussiaToday May 26, 2013

The March Against Monsanto has seen millions in 436 cities in 52 countries challenging biotech corporations and protesting against genetically modified foods, which despite bans in some states due to potential health hazards remain legal in many others.


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Monsanto, a half-century of health scandals by Soren Seelow, Translated by Siv O’Neall

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  3. Fantastic, Lo thanks for posting all these ~ I had no idea it was so global. We’re seeing the beginning of a powerful new type of affirmative action ~ dissident festivals, superb!

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