Helen Caldicott: Chernobyl: The Biggest Cover-Up In The History of Medicine

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linktv May 23, 2013

Arkansas Nuclear One

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“Going naked” is how the insurance industry describes not having insurance. And when it comes to the worst hazards of nuclear power — America is going naked. Correspondent Miles Benson investigates why the US nuclear power industry is underinsured by hundreds of billions of dollars. He also speaks with Australian physician, author and nuclear industry critic Dr. Helen Caldicott on the health effects of nuclear radiation including cancers, fetal damage and genetic mutation.


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  9. We couldn’t have created a more toxic cocktail if we’d set out to deliberately ruin all life on Earth. Reality is hard to bear.

    Anyone who challenges the opiated sops that governments and corporations and think-tanks fob about daily, is instantly branded an alarmist, a maverick, a dissident trouble-maker, a pessimist, a terrorist!

    The older you get the more you see through the two dimensional trompe l’oeil landscape, that constantly ripples with the Chinese whispers of institutional assurance.

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