Noam Chomsky: Wrecking Nature For Short-Term Profit

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docdissent May 8, 2013

Recorded May 7 2013 in Denver, Colorado at an event organized by community radio station KGNU ( Noted social critic Noam Chomsky talks about the willful and reckless destruction of the environment by the US and other Western nations. Corporate-run governments have abdicated their responsibility toward protecting the welfare of their citizens and are rushing the world toward climate catastrophe.

More from this event at Free Speech TV (
Tech: Panasonic GH3, adapted Sigma 70-210mm f2.8 lens & Sony URX-P2/UTX-B2 wireless. Available light. Venue: Central Presbyterian Church, Denver.

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  4. Master of political irony.

    We do well to remember the rabbinical maxim: What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world but forfeits/loses his own soul…?

    Excellent excerpt, thank you for adding this Lo. Magna Carta? Bring it on, Professor. A timely reminder for us to reflect upon the secular foundations of liberty.

    As for those Disney lemmings, we know the White Wilderness sequence was most cruelly faked ~ a classic precedent exemplifying the iniquities of corporate disinformation.

    If you want freedom, don’t believe the slogans, educate yourself!

    Question “authority.”

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