The Secretive Bilderberg Conference + Bilderberg 2013: Secret Meeting Opens Press Office For 1st Time

Brussels - Saturday 31

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Bilderberg 2013: Behind Closed Doors

breakingtheset Jun 7, 2013

Abby Martin goes over a brief history of the Bilderberg conference, the power players in attendance at this year’s event, and talks to BTS producer, Manuel Rapalo, about the implications the secrecy surrounding the event has.


The Secretive Bilderberg Conference

PressTVGlobalNews Jun 7, 2013

 For many years its mere existence was denied. But today the Bilderberg conference has come to Britain. Activists say it’s a shadow world government.

Former participants have called it THE most important meeting they have ever attended. And this year it’s being held in the unlikely suburban town of Watford.


Bilderberg 2013: Secret meeting opens press office for 1st time

RussiaToday Jun 7, 2013

One of the most clandestine gatherings in the world seems to be lifting the veils of secracy. The Bilderberg Group is famously shy of press attention, but this year its annual confab is inundated with reporters from some of the world’s top media outlets. RT’s Sara Firth went to Watford near London to try and find out what the world’s most powerful group might be talking about.


Financial elite hold annual meeting

ChannelNewsful Jun 9, 2013

Politicians, business leaders and royalty from Europe and the US are meeting near London for a secretive three day event to discuss global policy. Known as the Bilderberg Group, their annual conferences are not recorded, nor do they produce any statements. Their lack of transparency often fuels theories that they are the secret rulers of the world. Al Jazeera’s Charlie Angela has more.


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