Thousands March Against the G8 Meeting in Northern Ireland + G8 Enniskillen Protest, 17-6-2013

G8 kings on tour

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PressTVGlobalNews on Jun 16, 2013

As the leaders of the world’s eight most powerful economies – or G8 – prepare to meet in northern Ireland next week, anti-capitalist and anti-war campaigners made their voices heard.

Even though the rain teemed down intermittently, spirits weren’t dampened.

The awful weather hasn’t stopped thousands of people marching through the center of Belfast today. There are several different groups here from anti-capitalists to anti-war campaigners.

But basically the message is the same, they want the G8 leaders to govern on behalf of the people rather than just the rich and powerful.


G8 Enniskillen Protest, 17-6-2013

CCommons Buzz Aug 28, 2013

The Group of Eight (G8) nations comprise around 53.0% of global nominal GDP and 42.5% of global GDP. A primary reason for this is because they control most of the world’s capital. This fact is directly related to these nations’ colonial and imperial history. Decades of capital accumulation have provided the ruling elites of this group with a power previously unthinkable. Of course, this accumulation did not occur by accident. It is the product of wars, exploitation, racism, the repression of labor, polices based on the creation of famine and the denial of basic human rights for millions of humans around the planet.

Founded in the wake of the 1973 oil crisis and including only five nations at the time, the G8 is one of the answers of the monopoly capitalists to the crisis of capitalism that began in 1973. Designed to resolve intercapitalist rivalries and provide a united front against those nations and peoples that oppose it, the G8 functions much like a business association or international crime syndicate. Coincidentally (or not), the time of the G8′s creation also saw the establishment of the Trilateral Commission; a group of capitalist and government leaders convened to address the threat of “too much democracy” that resulted from the worldwide revolutions and rebellions that rumbled around the planet after World War Two and culminated in the period we now call the Sixties.…

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