Chris Hedges: Americans Have No Privacy Left, No Capacity To Communicate Without Govt Watching + Transcript

with Chris Hedges
Writer, Dandelion Salad
June 25, 2013

Russia Today
June 25, 2013

Edward Snowden stencil by Eclair Acuda Bandersnatch

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The US government pulls out all stops to prosecute, hound, and capture those who reveal classified data. This plus constant control and surveillance makes it impossible to keep anything private or secret, Pulitzer-winning journalist Chris Hedges told RT.

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US Rulers Fear American People by Finian Cunningham

by Finian Cunningham
Writer, Dandelion Salad
East Africa
Crossposted from PressTV
June 24, 2013


Image by Michael Fleshman via Flickr

What the disclosures of former CIA contractor Edward Snowden show perhaps above all else is just how petrified the leaders of the United States have become – of ordinary citizens both in the US and around the world. When we say “leaders” we mean the ruling elite – the top one percent of the financial-corporate-military-industrial complex and its bought- and paid-for politicians.

The international manhunt by the US authorities for Snowden, which has accelerated with his flight to Moscow to evade extradition from Hong Kong, is indicative of the desperation in Washington’s elitist establishment to quash him and what he is revealing about their despotic rule.

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Who Are The Real Terrorists by Ariel Ky

by Ariel Ky
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Peacevisionary’s Blog
June 22, 2013

End the Endless Wars!

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The U.S. announced last week that Syria had crossed the line it had set about chemical weapons being used, claiming that the Syrian government was using chemical weapons. I had been anticipating this announcement ever since the U.S. stated that it would start providing arms to the rebels in Syria if chemical weapons were used. It struck me at the time as a foolhardy approach to the situation in Syria, especially considering the many mercenaries fighting in the beleaguered country. Continue reading

Jonathan Landay: Insider Threat: Government Employees Urged to Tattle On Coworkers In Effort to Stop Classified Leaks

Dandelion Salad

Stop Government Spying

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democracynow on Jun 25, 2013 – As the media focuses almost exclusively on Edward Snowden’s possible whereabouts, more details on the Obama administration’s crackdown on whistleblowers have come to light. A new investigative report has revealed the administration’s crackdown on leaks extends far beyond high-profile cases like Snowden or the Associated Press, to the vast majority of government agencies and departments — even those with no connection to intelligence or national security. For nearly two years, the White House has waged a program called “Insider Threat” that forces government employees to remain on the constant lookout for their colleagues’ behavior and to report their suspicions. It targets government officials who leak any information, not just classified material. All of this leads McClatchy to warn: “The [Insider Threat] program could make it easier for the government to stifle the flow of unclassified and potentially vital information to the public, while creating toxic work environments poisoned by unfounded suspicions and spurious investigations.” We’re joined by the reporter who helped break the story, Jonathan Landay, senior national security and intelligence reporter for McClatchy Newspapers. Landay also discusses his reporting that revealed how drone strikes carried out in Pakistan over a four-year period ran contrary to standards set forth publicly by President Obama.

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