Who Are The Real Terrorists by Ariel Ky

by Ariel Ky
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Peacevisionary’s Blog
June 22, 2013

End the Endless Wars!

Image by Dandelion Salad via Flickr

The U.S. announced last week that Syria had crossed the line it had set about chemical weapons being used, claiming that the Syrian government was using chemical weapons. I had been anticipating this announcement ever since the U.S. stated that it would start providing arms to the rebels in Syria if chemical weapons were used. It struck me at the time as a foolhardy approach to the situation in Syria, especially considering the many mercenaries fighting in the beleaguered country. I could just imagine some mercenaries saying to themselves, “All we have to do is start using chemical weapons, and the U.S. will start supplying us with some serious weaponry and ammunition.” What a strong incentive to use chemical weapons; I consider this is a Pandora’s box that could unleash untold horror, and one that the U.S. will eventually dearly regret opening.

I stand opposed to amping up the war in Syria on the side of the rebels. Already the CIA, Mossad, and other intelligence agencies have caused great harm by funding some of the most violent elements in the Middle East to go to Syria, inflaming the situation with violence. In the propaganda war being waged by the West, there is no way of knowing whether the Syrian government or rebels are committing the worst violence. We do know that Israel attacked Syria by air, which I consider a war crime. One day we may well find that the U.S. involvement in Syria was also one long series of war crimes.

It stands to reason that the people of Syria are not going to fare well with becoming the battle field of mercenary forces from all over the Middle East. Perhaps Syrians wish to rid themselves of Assad, but that is their prerogative to sort out for themselves and make decisions about their government without the U.S. or any other country trying to force regime change on them in the bloodiest way possible.

Who knows what to believe in a propaganda war? I have been researching the situation in Syria for well over a year, and I’m still trying to sort it all out. Every claim that the U.S. has made about violence and atrocities committed by the Syrian government has been hotly debated in the press. Many people have come forward persuasively with proof that it was rebel forces, not the Syrian government. There have been claims that Al-Qaeda terrorists have aligned with the rebel forces. Just who is the U.S. giving arms and ammunition to? I am extremely concerned about this.

I am not saying that the Syrian government is blameless. However, the U.S. has no right to go into Syria and take sides in the way that it’s doing, especially not with so much confusion.

And were chemical weapons actually used? The Global Post published an article, “Syria: The horrific chemical weapons attack that probably wasn’t a chemical weapons attack.” In this article, it was claimed that it was probably tear gas that caused the foaming at the mouth that was seen in an attack on people at Aleppo, which is the only report that I could find of chemical weapons being used. An analysis by experts who were familiar with the symptoms of sarin gas had ascertained that some of the most telling signs of a sarin gas attack were missing. Most of the villagers in Aleppo survived, which would not have been the case if sarin gas had been used.

Corrupt governments in Europe and the U.S. which profit from the arms trade are complicit in getting involved in sending weapons and ammunition to Syria. Global civil society needs to put a stop to this, which can be done if people raise their voices in protest until the overwhelming chorus sends a clear message that we will not tolerate this. Everyone who wants a world of peace, a world of liberty and good will towards each other, a world in which love and kindness prevail, must get involved in what’s happening in Syria. Otherwise we continue to tolerate a situation that may very well lead to a greater Middle East War, global warfare, and the demise of all of humanity.

The line in the sand has to be drawn against the use of violence by any party. The U.S. has no moral standing to denounce or police other countries for using terrible weapons of war, not after using depleted uranium in Iraq, daisy cutters in Afghanistan, and drones to kill people indiscriminately in several other countries: Pakistan, Yemen, the Sudan and Somalia, to name a few. We all need to tear down the veil of lies and deception, and ask ourselves who the real terrorists are.


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5 thoughts on “Who Are The Real Terrorists by Ariel Ky

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  2. Chirac had the right idea way back when Iraq was the issue, but he was mocked for suggesting a UN-NATO steel cordon-sanitaire to secure and ensure post-Saddam stability. Look at what has occurred consequently and subsequently.

    Bashar al-Assad is a figure-head, a manipulated puppet of sinister forces outside his control. It is the mafia behind him that perpetuates civilian atrocity and provokes such extremely violent opposition. The international community simply does not have sufficient military proficiency or legal and moral authority to exercise effective lock-down control of the region, to cleanse its genocidal filth. But that it what is required.

    The existing mechanisms are feeble. To resolve this requires breaking with the historical precedent and abandoning predetermined fixed defaults. The script,needs to be rewritten by an act of unprecedented initiative inspired by far-reaching visionary clarity, informed by powerful judicial authority beyond anything yet in evidence.

    • “Bashar al-Assad is a figure-head, a manipulated puppet of sinister forces outside his control. It is the mafia behind him that perpetuates civilian atrocity and provokes such extremely violent opposition.”

      Curious take…as ALL heads of state are titular figure-heads.

      It is clear that the ” sinister forces outside his control,” is a global financial elite that runs all of the puppet heads of state.

      The “civilian atrocity and provokes such extremely violent opposition” is another script by the same financial elite. The bulk of the “extremely violent opposition” are imported, not the Syrian people themselves.

      We have a case of the main opposition forces against Assad being al Qaeda and other Western Intel linked terrorists directed by NATO.

      This isn’t about an “oppressive dictator” and the transparently fraudulent “Responsibility to Protect”, this is about remaking the face of the Middle East, it is a Zionist program: “The road to Tehran leads through Damascus”.

      This is the same template used in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and now Syria: Balkanization.


  3. Wasn’t it Led Zeppelin that did that song ‘Ramble On’?

    I don’t think it is so confusing to figure out who “the bad guys” are, once you understand the history of the western invention and promotion of ‘Radical Islamic Jihad’ – a common realpolitik template of creating ones own controlled enemies. It has been a tool of Empire for centuries. It has a proven track record.

    Al Qaeda – “the Base” also meaning “the western toilet” in street Arabic.

    Then there is the “Taliban” {meaning ‘student’ in Pushtu} The text books written and printed in Wisconsin USA for the CIA plan to bring the Soviets their own “Vietnam”.

    Realpolitik is simply a fancy name for piracy and gangsterism.


  4. Well said: who know who is the real bad guy? But, I personally am convinced that the US or any of the western powers have ANY business in this conflict. It will only serve to exacerbate the situation.

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