Christophobia is as Bad as Homophobia by Rocket Kirchner (repost)

by Rocket Kirchner
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Rocket Kirchner (blog)
Rocket Kirchner (youtube channel)
Originally published June 14, 2010

Jesus on cross

Image by quinet via Flickr

In the last 20 years there has been much headway made in regards to dispelling Homophobia in American society. Even those who disagree with the gay lifesyle, and may express their view to the contrary, at least accept that gays and lesbians are people. Many still don’t. But more do. And yet Christophobia is rampant.

Christophobia (fear of Christ and His followers) is not only alive and well, but seems to be on the rise. This is as bad as Homophobia not only because it pre-judges a person, but it does it in the name of tolerance. In the name of open mindedness. In the name of progress. And yet, it is anything but that. For it is prejudice. Period.

I understand my gay friends when they tell me stories of being rejected for just being gay, because I have experienced years of that myself of being rejected for just being a Christian. A good example of this goes thus: “Yeah, Rocket is a pretty cool guy and a hot Guitarslinger but…” What comes after the “but” is Christophobia. Or lines like, “If he just wasn’t such a Jesus freak”. Another one, “He is such a smart guy, but… how can he be so naive?” And worse remarks than that. Usually they don’t say it to my face (but you know how words get around). And they usually don’t say it to my other Christian friends’ faces, because they know us enough to be very well aware that if we are provoked or prodded or condescended to, that we will respond swiftly and sharply and defend our faith on personal, philosophical, historical, and non-violent social justice grounds with lives to back it up.

So how did American society get so damn Christophobic? To begin with I think that it is because conservatives hate the Christian Left and liberals hate the Christian Right. A lot of it has to do with how a person is raised, too. Alter boys and preachers’ kids have it the worst. Like Frank Zappa said, “forcing a child to go to church is like putting a loaded gun in his hand”. So we have a society now that instead of really thinking about what the Good News of Christ really is, it acts out against the followers of Jesus, and acts out mindlessly. I have seen friends of mine get pissed on, and had broken bones for preaching the Good News on the streets. I myself have had been in danger many times for either an open proclamation of Good News, or obeying what Christ said in taking care of those in need.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. died for being a Christian, because it lead him to his work on civil rights. Harvey Milk died for being gay because he understood the rejection as a homosexual and decided to fight for the same civil rights of others. I am not writing this to complain. For Christ did not say, “If you are persecuted for my name”, but “when”. Choices have consequences. I have no regrets for being His follower. It is just that those who are Christophobic must realize that it is as bad as Homophobia, and like any prejudice, be it race, creed, color, or sexual orientation, it stinks to high heaven.

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33 thoughts on “Christophobia is as Bad as Homophobia by Rocket Kirchner (repost)

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  4. Rocket, I feel for you. Did Jesus tell you it would be a cake walk to proclaim his message? Have you been misled by your lord into thinking that if you flash your Christian Express Card around, like so many spiritually bankrupt “believers” do in America, that it will be accepted EVERYWHERE?

    Jesus was quite clear about the fact that those who take up the cross and follow him will SUFFER for doing so in this life, as HE suffered.

    This is why I say I feel for you. If you are suffering, however, it means you are doing something right. Christianity is not supposed to be a “lifestyle” or a “way of life” alone, it is a duty, and a hard one at that.

    While there is a debate to be had here about whether or not “Christophobia” is a phenomenon of ANY significance in the USA, it surely is abroad. The challenge you present is one of people being tolerant of your views without really knowing what they are. If you are just running around proclaiming “Christ is Lord! Get in on the Club or burn in Hell!” then you are not spreading the news Jesus spoke of. You are just touting the benefits of being in with in crowd. You don’t have to mention Jesus or the divine nature he represents for you to make the case for a more just, compassionate human race. When you get spat at (really?) or pissed on (REALLY???) by those who reject your message, is it a message of love you are sending, or a message of SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS and SUPERIORITY? Those are the traits more and more people are seeing with Christofascism on the rise. The two are mutually exclusive.

    A young man in my community recently went public with the horrible abuse, both physical and verbal, he and others suffered from his freshman football coach. This coach, like nearly all the others in the PUBLIC school system here, are founding members of a so-called “Christian Athletic Ministry”. They fancy themselves crusaders for Christ, who preach fire and brimstone, anti-gay, anti-secular messages to players constantly and call players names like “girl” and “homo” to express dissatisfaction with their performance on the field. These coaches also stress a policy of “no mercy for the body, only the soul” in their game strategy, telling telling their own players they would be intentionally and permanently injured by other players during practice and during games if they didn’t get in line. This brave boy, when he told the local press about the school administration’s lack of action from his complaint, was rebuffed by the district and the local press made little mention of it. This is terrorism, religious terrorism, and the NSA ought to already be on top of it, but…it’s home-grown “Christian” terrorism, so it’s accepted.

    The district closed ranks around the “Christian” coach, and the boy and his family were forced to move to another town. This boy IS a Christian, an altar boy, in fact.

    Your main task, it seems to me, should be to accept the suffering you are offered in the Christ-like manner befitting a Christian. Do not demand to be treated with respect, but rather show love and respect to others as an example. Meanwhile, you should be speaking out MOST strongly against the charlatans who claim Jesus as their personal savior, but curse and judge others for their nature. They give lip service to the gospel, then go satisfy their “tiny sins” with the attitude that, “Hey, if my preacher don’t say it makes me a bad person, then it ain’t as bad as bein’ a faggot, a nigger, or a socialist.”

    If you are concerned about the “image” of your faith, as it seems you are. THAT is the second most important work which Jesus calls you to. Just as Bin Laden was no true Muslim, Bush and Obama are no Christians, and neither are the millions who believe they are.

    • scoey , thanks for the interesting ( to say the least ) response. maybe you dont understand what i was have trying to say , and you really dont know me .
      1. Christofascism is what has caused Christophobia
      2. I oppose both .

      how many times have i stood against the Bible bangers in this society ? how many times have they ostracized me for doing what i do for a living –i play bars. of course i have never had an EXPRESS CARD or any other credit card in my life . but i can see how you would think that , because as i said –Christophobia is everywhere in America . and after all , isnt that what the stepford christians do — live large off the fat of the land . case of mistaken identity my friend –i am a Socialist . read my case for Socialism on this blog .

      suffering for Christ is not the issue . but it must be –for Christ , not for being misunderstood by those who think that i am a stepford christian . kapeesh dude ?

      • one more thing — Christophobia is a cheap way out of not really looking into the claims of Christ by blaming all christians for those who have misrepresented the good news. i have been in this arena for 39 years of being a believer. before that i was a hostile unbeliever against christ and christians . i know this gig inside and out . i used to intellectually bully jesus freaks . i know both sides.

        i relish being attacked fore the real gospel as long as it is a valid attack , and not some mindless lobotomized person who wants to dump their shadow on me . they want to debate. good . lets take it out to the public and get it on . so , they back off and pick on those simple christians that dont defend themselves intellectually . they are bullys , as much as the christofascists are. i wont stand by and let them do it . i know some very sincere christians that get attacked for just being christians . and so it must be . yes this we agree. but if i am around i will not let them do it without a fight . and you know they all call what i am doing –LOVE. why ? because someone loved me enough to confront my bullying almost 40 years ago , and i have confronted the mindless bullies who just want to pick on today’s jesus freaks …..

  5. We are all God in the flesh, just as Jesus was. There is nothing special about Christianity. It is just another path. Rocket, if you are persecuted, it is because you go around proclaiming the “Good News.” That is no different than going around lecturing strangers about the benefits of good diet or exercise. If people don’t want to hear it, respect that. Keep it to yourself. If people want God, they will seek God. Alcoholics Anonymous is as good a spiritual program as anything else.

    • James , mmm . how does one respond to one who says to keep good news to themselves ? the way i see it good news is always good . and the world from what i can see really needs good news. too many people kept the good news from me for too long . after my conversion 39 years ago , i realized that those who knew christ and kept it from me did not love me , they loved their reputation and were cowards. despite my stubbornness and ”this is not the only way ” nonsense , and bullying jesus freaks , i was christophobic and judged people by creed . … yet there were some who loved me enough not to give up on me . they were not bullied . to them i thank . over the years i have shared this good news in word and deed and have not backed down , and others have benefited from that . and you are telling me to stop . sorry pal .

      the good news of christ gets to the ROOT of the human spirit like diet and exercise cant . diet and exercise is good for the brain and the body , but we are more than brain and bodys , we also have a deep inner core of us that really needs to be healed of past hurts. we are not God incarnate . that is a megalomaniacal myth . it sells well with the new age crowd but it is just not the case. if you dont see anything special about christ then james you have not yet had a blinding revelation of him risen from the dead. but , here is a question for you . what would you do if he did reveal himself to you ? would you sit on the sidelines and remain quiet about it ?

  6. I don’t think our society is Christophobic but christianophobic. Even Bill Maher thinks that Christ is a fantastic role model, it’s christians who bear no resemblance to Christ that people are (rightly) against.

    • sacred — it is both . there really are people who have contempt for Jesus Christ and take it out on very polite Christians . i am not going to let them get away with that. why ? because it is bigotry . i dont let people talk down my Muslim or gay friends either .

      for bill maher to reduce Christ to a role model really is laughable considering who he really is –God in the flesh . not just then but now to the real authentic followers of him . you say it is Christians that bear no resemblance to Christ. there are many who dont . but what about those who do ? they get treated badly . i as a christian who has been for 39 years a believer who used to have christophobia before my conversion understand this .

      i dont sit by and let people insult or even condescend by compliments to Christ or real Christians . i call them out and meet them head on in public view to a debate.

        • to reduce Christ to mere role model instead of bowing before him as GOD INCARNATE and Savior is an insult . there is nothing fascinating about the truth . the ”truth is the truth to the end of reckoning” as Shakespeare said . and Christ is THE truth .

        • why do i say this ? because a partial truth is worse that lie . ”oh yes , jesus ..he is a good teacher , great man , what a wonder example to live by blah bah blah ………. horseshit ! either he is who he said he was or he is insane .

          or — he is a a liar that lead many of his fellow jews away from the One true God , and deserved what he got . OR — and here is the big Or — or he is the Son of God to which like doubting Thomas finally fell at his feet and worshiped after his resurrection ”my Lord and My God ”.

          there is no neutral ground with Jesus Christ . no complementing him . no nicey nice talk . we can spit on him , reject him , or fall at his feet and worship him. but anything in between is mere prattle taken out of its historical context and domesticated for the opiate of the masses .

        • Uh huh. Well, Christ is most certainly my role model in everything I do, and I don’t hold against those who are too lost in sin to appreciate the immensity of that. After all I once was too. And by those lost in sin, I didn’t mean you, just to clarify. May you find blessings on your journey.

        • no ..i did not take it that way . LOL . what i was refering too was the Pelagian/Augustine debate in which Pelagius sort of de-emphisized Christ divinity for a role modle position . of course Augustine took the opposite view.

        • Reread response and see if it really came out the way you intended then. Because seriously, that’s not how it sounded AT ALL. Especially when you said things like “to reduce Christ to a role model really is laughable considering who he really is.” You know what, Christ IS a role model and there’s nothing degrading about calling Him such, in my opinion. I like to think those who are truly Christian act like Christ making Him a role model. Not to harp on Bill Maher but as he said, ” if you act liek Christ you get to call yourself a Christian. In fact, Gandhi was so f***ing Christian he was Buddhist.” I’m in his belief camp. It’s not that people don’t like or look up to, or try to be like (a possible precursor for worship and all the other essential things you discuss) Jesus; but more often that Christians muddle the mirror image we are supposed to be. Anyways… that’s what my blog’s about for the most part. Sorry for the rambling.

          I know we say things that we don’t mean necessarily when we feel as though we need to defend, but let’s make sure we say what we mean and if we don’t we say so.

        • sacred , christ did not come to teach or be a role model, but to reveal the hearts of men . that is my point . none of us can follow jesus . we can only by his grace participate in his death and suffering and resurrection .

          his life must live thru us . the role model model is a self intitiated activity . conversion is intitated from heaven . i have been converted . i am a christian in the process of becoming a christian only thru infused mystical grace in my spirit . this , Ghandi did not have.
          but i like Ghandi’s politics.

        • Ghandi practiced the sermon on the mount and Bakti Yogi . good combo . but he said ”Christ died in vain ‘. so without judging a mans heart , by his own words we at least know where he stood .

          christ did not die in vain . he died to save our lives and souls here and forever. Ghandi made it clear that he never took Jesus to be his Saviuor , which is very very sad for him .

        • And that quote is wildly out of context, but I realize yet again that this conversation is quite pointless to continue. But just as a side note, the quote is that Jesus didn’t come to bring a new religion, but new life. Thus, Jesus died in vain “if he did not teach us to regulate the whole of life by the eternal law of love.” The greatest of these is love. Love God, love your neighbors as yourself. But of course, that’s not popular in Christianity today. Love is too ‘hippy dippy.”

        • reponding from below . love is never really popular in its truest sense.

          understand that i really am a big fan of Ghandi , but also his excuse for not becoming a christian is so typical when he said ” i would have become a christian , if it was n ot for christians .

          makes no sense. and it is so textbook . at least i would like to hear a better excuse than that.

        • It’s his reason. It the reason I wish I wasn’t. In fact, better to not say you’re a ‘Christian’ and live your life as Christ than say it and disgrace Him.

        • i agree 100 per cent !!! but that is not what Gandhi meant . because Gandhi was attempting to live it . when someone states that Christ died in vain and that they would have become a christian if it wasn’t for other Christians , this is just hostility to the gospel . it is not hostility to the basic teachings of Christ , which Gandhi used as blueprint .

          it is hostility toward Christ HIMSELF . there was something in Gandhi that is very self-righteous so as to reject the need for the cross and blood that Christ shed to redeem him . sad too. … cause Gandhi made such a difference . i would have been with him standing shoulder to shoulder on those salt marches .

        • Once again. this conversation is completely futile. Read the full quote and take it in context. Yes, you’re right Gandhi had a self-righteous streak, one that his family paid for.

          I hope you find blesses on your journey. I’m out.

  7. I take this term “Christophobia” to mean a baseless, and irrational fear of “Christians”. It could also be a baseless, and irrational fear of “Christ”, but the bulk of your essay indicates the other.

    The baseless, and irrational aspect is the hook and sinker to any phobia.

    I do not think that having an issue with strong-arm evangelicalism of either religion or lifestyle necessarily equates to a irrational fear, or phobia. Indignation is not based on fear, but is a more complex reaction to present experiential strategies.

    I have had a few gay ‘evangelistic’ approaches that were offensive, and pissed me off.

    But frankly on a larger social level I have seen real harm from a certain type of Christian evangelism, and that is the Christian Zionists of the Scofield school, the ‘Dispensationalist’ “Armageddon Heads”. And I would argue that they are indeed dangerous, and have an active agenda that is warmongering in effect and ongoing on the world stage.


    • i agree . they cause a lot of Christophobia , just as people who kill in the name of Islam cause a lot of Islamophobia .

      Islamophobia , anti-semitism , homophobia …etc are all forms of bigotry . but the big elephant in the room is Christophobia . i am talking about .

      if people dont think it is real , they ought to live in my shoes for a week . the prejudice is palpable .

      • Well Rocket, in the case of the Christian Zionist Armageddon Heads, it isn’t really a phobia is it? It isn’t a baseless, and irrational fear, it is a imminently reasonable concern.

        My own sister, who is a ‘Church of God’ holy rolling [glossolalia blabbering] Dispensationalist, told me one day that “We want a nuclear Armageddon so Jesus will come back”. She has been married to a “reverend” from the time she was around 19. I know them both intimately. As far as I am concerned he is as crazy as a shithouse rat.
        But I consider such people ‘Christianoids’__not real Christians.

        And I do consider the New Testament as a unique and totally separate book and message from the Old. I do not think that it is valid to consider them both as one “Holy Bible”.

        This is a topic we could debate for hours upon years. But I am not interested in changing your ideas. I think you have an interesting take, and you seem to have the genuine wish for Peace on Earth – that is all I could want from another.


        • hybrid , thanks . and i have written strongly against christian Zionism on this blog . its insane . i deal with these people all the time . the thing is is that i know many very sincere Christians that get bullied intellectually by non believers , and i wont and dont sit by and let this happen ./ i call it for what it is — bigotry .

          i really felt sorry for my Muslim friends after 9/11 . i defended them. they are wonderful people. the thing is is that christophobia seems to be the elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about . it is a taboo subject because those who think that they are so tolerant are really not . if they want to hash it out with a stupid christian zionist then fine , but when they pick on those i know that are cool JUST BECAUSE they believe in Jesus , i stand between them and the bully , and say ”you want to really debate this mr. bigot? then debate me in public or shut up and put a lid on your hateful filthy mouth”!

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