Military Coup Underway in Egypt, Tanks Deployed in Cairo + Egypt’s Morsi Ousted, Cairo Explodes in Fireworks


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RussiaToday on Jul 3, 2013

Some parts of the Egyptian army have reportedly been put on high alert status – as the military’s ultimatum for President Morsi to resolve the violent crisis has now passed. Fresh clashes between government supporters and anti-Islamist protesters erupted earlier outside Cairo University after at least 18 people were said to have been killed there overnight. RT’s correspondents Bel Trew and Paula Slier are in the Egyptian capital right now. READ MORE:

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Sandy Staub from CT ACLU at the “NSA Don’t Spy on US Forum”: We Have Filed a Lawsuit Challenging the Spying Scheme

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strugglevideomedia on Jul 2, 2013

Mongi Dhaouadi of CAIR CT introduces Sandy Staub of the CT Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union. She speaks at the “NSA Don’t Spy on US Forum” June 30, 2013, Berlin, CT for more Continue reading