Obama’s Push to Create a Fascist Nation by Thomas Baldwin


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by Thomas Baldwin
Guest Writer, Dandelion Salad
July 5, 2013

“In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

“A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.”— Martin Luther King, Jr.

“It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership.”— Nelson Mandela

“Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes.”— Peter Drucker

“When the best leader’s work is done the people say, ‘We did it ourselves.’”—Lao Tzu

“Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out.”—Stephen Covey

Following a successful career in physics for approximately 20 years, I have been a thirty year student, teacher and consultant in the traits and attributes of leadership and team development and the personal characteristics and skills necessary to be effective. Though I have developed courses and tools to help those (primarily) in companies to improve their effectiveness, I have often used the publications of others and personal experiences to serve as my guide or “mentors”. One of the most powerful of those authors for me has been Stephen Covey, who made his fame and fortune from the book, “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”. Covey later published several books, but perhaps most noteworthy for this subject, “Principle Centered Leadership”. This brief article will focus on what I have learned directly (i.e. clinically) about leadership in the last thirty or more years and will show why Barack Obama does not have the “right stuff”. In fact, I am not only concerned that his lack of leadership ability will lead to a failed presidency but, in fact, a catastrophic failure from which the entire country will greatly suffer.


I will begin this discussion with a bit of Obama’s history. He is, of course, a dark skinned man who had both white and black parents. His black African father was absent for essentially his entire life. He was raised by his white mother and white grandparents. Though his early adversaries tried to make a legal issue of where he was actually born, they missed the entire major issue. It was never about “nature”; it has always been about “nurture”. Barack Obama has learned to be a “white” man in dark skin. That is the whole history of his existence. He has been plagued with an identity problem. But he first arose to national fame with his book, “Dreams of My Father” (a black African) which sold large numbers of copies and provided a platform for his rise to political power. It is also noteworthy that the Democratic Party found this as their “solution” to achieve power again also. They decided this man provided them with their chance to put a black man in the White House; he also met the requirements of some very rich wealthy elite who knew he could be manipulated. Ralph Nader even spoke up with courage during the 2008 elections stating the fear that Obama would become an “Uncle Tom” for the corporations!

What are the leadership traits that Barack Obama has demonstrated? His background included an education at Harvard Law following earlier education at Occidental College (CA) and Columbia Univ. (NY). There has never been any record published of his performance at those schools but we have been regularly informed that he was President of the Harvard Law Review. We have also been continuously reminded that he was specializing as a Constitutional Lawyer at Harvard. It has been interesting that the Harvard Law School has been notoriously absent in commenting on Obama’s performance in the presidency regarding Constitutional issues. Are nearly all of the members of Harvard Law fearful of speaking out? So much for academic freedom; perhaps they’re most fearful of losing their grants from the federal government and corporate sponsors?

The basic ingredients of effective leadership as identified by Covey and others are CHARACTER and COMPETENCE. For at least three years or more, I have been making careful observations of both of these attributes in Obama. My firm conclusion is that he has serious deficiencies in both. Admitting that these are sometimes hard to separate, I will consider character first.Obama shows almost no real commitment to principles; his continued excuse is that he believes in “compromise”. Although one can easily be deceived by his “talk” one has to watch his “walk”. He does not do what he says he’s going to do and this pattern is habitually repeated.

Some concrete examples were listed here from a recent publication in “Thrive” written by Foster Gamble:

“It is testimony to the true hierarchy of power depicted in the pyramid (displayed by Gamble). Whether we believe Obama would have changed things if he could have, or that he was in on this deal from the start, the facts remain the same. Obama is carrying out virtually the same agenda as the Bushes. He kept Gitmo open and continues torture. He’s expanded wars, authorized drones, legalized indefinite incarceration and assassination (NDAA). He condones comprehensive electronic surveillance, IRS bullying and the covert arming of drug cartels (Fast and Furious). He hired architects of the economic implosion—Summers and Geithner—to supposedly fix the damage they themselves helped orchestrate. He hired a top executive from Monsanto, Michael Taylor, to be his “food safety czar” and now Walmart cheerleader, Jason Furman, to be his Chief Economic Advisor.”

The reference above to Gamble’s publication also contains an excellent video clip showing Obama now doing the opposite of what he said he would do in his campaign for the presidency in 2008. One can add much to this short paragraph above including an expansion of the surveillance of American citizenry with domestic spying of telephone calls and emails, greatly increased prosecution of whistle blowers, the hiring of the CEO of General Electric to do nothing regarding job creation, neglect of serious environmental issues, neglect of serious wealth/income inequities and most of the serious things he addressed or promised during his 2008 campaign.

Obama has been nearly “perfect” in saying one thing and doing almost exactly the opposite or nothing at all. I have previously labeled this as the “Obama Shuffle”–giving a shout to the “left “and jumping to the “right”, a dance step he has perfected. This has led to a greatly increased trust gap as an increasing number of his original loyalists have abandoned their support for him. One of the latest polls shows that only 35% of the population now trust Obama with the greatest decline of nearly 17% occurring with the younger voting age. Trust in leadership was discussed in this Forbes article published last year.

Thus, Obama has shown an enormous character deficiency. Most recently, he has also been chastised by the President of China, the President of Russia and the Prime Minister of Germany for supporting the abuses of the NSA in their surveillance and spying activities. Merkel even had to remind Obama (the “Constitutional” lawyer) of his duty to protect civil liberties. Recently, Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald made appearances at the 2013 Chicago Socialism Conference and made very pertinent critical comments regarding Obama’s hypocrisy on whistle blower, Edward Snowden, who released information regarding NSA blatant abuses of the Fourth Amendment. He is also following the same path as George Bush in justifying his international war mongering policies, claiming the possession and use by other countries with their “weapons of mass destruction.” No country possesses more weapons of mass destruction than the U.S. and no one has used more. He has brought shame to the Nobel Peace Prize he received in 2009 and it should be revoked.

His rhetoric has as its objective a method to distract attention from the real problems we face and direct attention to an unknown and unidentified enemy, particularly the “terrorists” who are waiting behind every tree and under every rock. It is, of course, a method of enhancing fear and the use of that characteristic to justify anything Obama and his manipulators want to do. As I have suggested several places, Obama is on a path to create an Orwellian state and put a permanent “Big Brother” in charge. Last October, I published a blog claiming he was engaging his “Weapons of Mass Distraction” and also creating an Orwellian nation.

The other major leadership characteristic Obama lacks is competence. This clearly overlaps the character factors but specifically includes building relationships with colleagues, choosing competent subordinates, delegating responsibilities, negotiation and conflict resolution skills, communicating clear objectives, measuring and reporting accurate and truthful facts and data, etc. Obama has continually demonstrated major deficiencies in all of these. Several have written about his inability to personally relate to key members of Congress even by failing to meet with them. He has demonstrated his inability to understand what “compromise” means in negotiations and has habitually capitulated or acquiesced in important matters rather than stick with principles which he had previously enunciated. This has been the case in both domestic and international affairs.He not only fails to take responsibility himself for any mistakes but fails to hold his subordinates responsible, claiming instead limited or no knowledge of mishaps.

His failure to acknowledge whether the objectives in the solutions to problems were met or not is legendary. As one specific example, witness the provisions of Obamacare which because of serious deficiencies in the law will almost certainly not meet the needs of people for “universal” coverage at affordable rates and limit cost increases of health coverage. Obamacare was a gift to the pharmaceutical and insurance industries; there was no public option designed to provide competition. From the nymag.com on July 3 (as this blog goes to press again):

”Yesterday evening, the Obama administration announced that it will delay for one year the “employer mandate,” which is the penalty on businesses with 50 or more employees who don’t provide insurance to their workforce. Naturally, this reactivated the Obamacare Train Wreck Doomsaying chorus.”

Some have even anticipated that a “train wreck” is on its way in 2014 and Obama and his advisors are undoubtedly writing the script to deny responsibility. Some large private companies are designing ways to shift more healthcare costs to the government (e.g. though Medicaid) by limiting employment to more part time employees and reducing their wages. This is effectively a way to increase the numbers of the working poor and remove people from the numbers of unemployed. A majority of the public appear to intuit or sense that there is a serious impending crisis ahead without even knowing the details of what is coming. Obama has done little or nothing to reassure the public. He only continues to pat himself on the back for producing a piece of crap and the Democratic Party cheers him on.


What are the observable consequences of a failed presidency described above? The primary one in the political and socioeconomic sectors is a great enhancement toward the creation of a totalitarian, fascist nation which is totally controlled by the big banks and corporate power. We clearly do not have any semblance of a representative democratic republic. Several authors have written about the dominant combination of corporate fascism and imperialism in recent months including Chris Hedges, Ralph Nader, John Pilger, Finian Cunningham and others. The image included here is from an Ebook by Jill Dalton. Obama has clearly enabled and supported these forces of corporate fascism. As a result, we clearly do not have any semblance left of a representative democratic republic. That is exhibited by a poll recently reported showing only 35% of the public trusting him and Congress receiving the lowest favorability rating in history of only 10%. As pointed out by pollsters, dictators in countries where we have removed the leaders through regime change have rated higher!

For several years, people have been describing our government in Washington as being dysfunctional. But that word is no longer adequate; it is on the way of becoming defunct (dead). Rampant fascism is like a spreading cancer; it is now near Stage IV in this country and without radical surgery Uncle Sam won’t survive. The creation of a Fourth Reich is well underway. That is a direct result of extremely poor leadership unlike what we’ve had from leaders periodically in our history before. In 1936 during the recovery from the Great Depression, FDR spoke out strongly against the fascist forces in this nation at a time when at least two countries in Europe were embracing it.

“The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it comes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism – ownership of government by an individual, by a group.”– Franklin D. Roosevelt

And Obama is directly responsible for eroding our civil liberties through such acts as NDAA (indefinite detention), NSA spying, Drone attacks that even have killed Americans, etc. These are necessary measures to further the enhancement of a fascist nation. Perhaps soon he will be requesting that we will high step march in boots to salute him by shouting Sieg Heil.

When I was teaching a leadership class for adults about five years ago at the Stennis Space Center (MS), I used Obama as an example of a good leader purely based upon his speeches. I made a horrible mistake in judgment. I owe my students a sincere apology; I won’t easily make that mistake again. A person doing what they say they are going to do is a primary factor in building trust and necessary for a good leader. I no longer trust ANYTHING that Barack Obama says he is going to do. Some of my friends have told me that they cannot even stand to hear him speak any longer. As I said at the time of the 2010 midterm elections, I would not buy a used car from this man. In an article recently published, James Petras refers to Obama as the Master Con-man. Obama is totally unfit as a presidential leader and he has earned a great big “F” in my “leadership class”; the “incomplete” has been long removed!

At this time again of our nation’s birthday, some conclusions must be drawn about this experience. The two party political duopoly has shown us clearly that Barack Obama is the “best” they can do in the electoral process even after spending billions of dollars. Isn’t it about time a majority in this country reject both of these two parties and recognize they are both incompetent and corrupt? Isn’t it about time we recognize nothing is going to change unless we commit to this? Isn’t it about time we accept the fact that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is a definition of INSANITY?

Thomas Baldwin has Ph.D. in Physics, an MBA (Management), a lifetime of experience in teaching and training with 30 years emphasis on Leadership, Team Development, Organizational Development, and entrepreneurship. In the last several years of “retirement” I have turned my primary attention to applications of the internet and writing many blogs focusing on political and socioeconomic matters. I live on the MS Gulf Coast in Biloxi, MS.


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  6. As the author of this blog post, I would like to make just a few comments regarding those above. When Lo asked me earlier in the week to review them, they had already turned away from commenting on the post itself and had divulged in a lengthy discussion between Rocket Kirchner and hybridroquet. Since I didn’t attempt to discuss Zionismi, Christianity and religion I won’t attempt to enter that discussion and encourage more of it here. That is best left for one of Rocket’s articles.

    I appreciate particularly the comments by David Foster, cpmondella, and chasfa as well as other brief ones. My alternate title for this article was “Why Barry Can’t Lead; the Emperor Has No Clothes” and that title was applied to the copy in OpEd News. The emphasis of the piece is, of course, Obama’s failure as a presidential leader. I can’t deny he has been effective as a Trojan Horse and spokesman for the corporate fascist sector who are the ones calling the real shots in this country—for both political parties. As to the failure on the part of many people to even realize this, I attribute this to the enormous “marketing” efforts (brainwashing) by the corporate media. Since I have often referred to the “corporate rape and pillaging”, blaming the people often feels like blaming the victim. It is our duty and responsibility to keep carrying the message explaining the details of what is going on, and we can’t repeat it often enough. There is reason to be optimistic that truth will begin to “win” the battle over lies, but it can’t come too soon. The people have a duty and responsibility to first seek the truth. and then act.

    • Thanks, Tom. I take the blame for allowing the comment section to go off-topic.

      I do agree with you about blaming the people. More and more people are turning to Independent news sources via the Internet and “waking up” to the brainwashing/propaganda they have received from corporate media. It is up to us once we are informed.

    • Doc , if i may make a suggestion : when you write an article , monitor the comments in order to respond. you got the brains , and i think any writer should be able to defend their position . at least that is my modis operandi . did not mean to hijack your post . not my style. its just that issues of fascism are complex. ..and fascinating to talk about .

      it’s like we have gone from conservative fascism to liberal fascism . and i agree with you that discussions about Christianity , religion , etc… are better left up to one of my articles . Lo is gonna re-post one on that subject this week .

      all the best. Rocket

  7. Origin of Religions?

    “Dreamtime. It is not the past, or the future, it is the eternal creation out of pattern in the Now. The ‘dot’ patterns, the spirit worlds of the tryptamine space are always present, creating the external world. The ability to understand and modify ‘reality’ was at the core of the training of indigenous elders with intact knowledge about these sacraments.”



    • H – Mircea Eliade is the ,last word ( in his 3 book set ) on religion from the Paleozoic time till the moderns .

    • H — William Lane Craig is a typical apologist. nice guy , but i dont go in for christian apologists. i also stay away from such red herrings as the evolution-creation ( both euro-centric ) debate. it is a stupid red herring ./

      maybe Criag means well , and i have seen him debate Hitchens and others, but i view christian apologists as taking away the offense of the gospel and christ as the object of faith , which is unprovable .

      the christian apologist seeks to present an illusion of ”objective certainty”. it does not exist . only ”objective uncertainty” in my view can start one on the road to authentic faith . if you can talk a man into belief you can talk him out of it . same problem goes with the new atheists movement: dawkins , dennet , harris , etc…

  8. H — ”the churchman sins but the church never sins” cannot be taken in aggregate becuase of the 2 sisters theory by rosemary haughton . on is the structure uptight harmful bad ass sister , and the other is the harmfless playful one . the one with the ruler in her hand so uptight.. sins all the time . the playful one who dances in the Spirit cant.

    to understand the mysterys of the Church one must understand this intertwining of sisters. you reference church torture . and i bring up st. francis . the churchman sins ( look at the middle ages ) , the church cant ( the st. francis’s ) . Haughton calls this ”The Catholic Thing ”.

    • Hi Rocket, I see you’ve got your yin-yangs out in force, never mind the yayas…ha ha

      • that may be Russia — a paradox wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a ( what did Churchill say ) wrapped in a burrito …..??? Hybrid has got me trying to as he says ”Rocketize the ineffable ”….. i cant resisit the attempt.

        • …an enigma…so said that old “fascist?” as you describe him ~ but Churchill believed the (British) Empire was commensurate with what he called Christian civilization, or “Christendom.” Would that imply true christianity is fascism?? Bernard Lewis certainly has plenty to say about that concept of Christendom vis-a-vis “Islam.”

          Of course Sir Winston’s mother was American, allegedly with strong indigenous blood in her ancestral veins, and her son advocated a “US” of Europe ~ thus red-lining the She-wolf suburb of the Seventh Hill perchance? My own view: papa-central ought to be retained as a heritage museum of psychoparapsychopathology….

          Right now I’m viewing Al Jazeera’s Vatican Inc. (part of the People and Power series) ~ only 25 minutes, but then less is more…often later…ciao senor K

        • well , that is cool for you , but my prediction of this new pope has seem to have come true ..so far. Belloc said that ”Europe is the faith ,. and the faith is Europe”. i think that on a sociological baisis he is right . but then again , that nagging voice of Kierkegaard states that Christendom mocks Christ as the ”object of faith ”.

        • “A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma”~Winston S. Churchill, October 1, 1939

          But I like “burrito” better, it has that sense of beans and their afterburner effect that was part of Churchill’s unintentional charm.


        • hahahahaha ! i have been on an eating burrito kick latley , so it was bound to come up in a comment somewhere . LOL

  9. I don’t envy the task ahead for US citizens.

    The indigenous birds are coming home to roost. It’s hard to disagree with Dr Baldwin’s conclusions, only I’d go further and state the increasingly obvious: no US President has actual power, at best they are now just a corporate figurehead; at worst a 2-dimensional political patsy.

    I’ll stick my neck out even a bit further, and suggest this federation of (North) American states is a dismal failure ~ even if you count Candu-Canada as the dumbest member of the expanded N American pack. The whole set-up is a colossal, redundant liability. No, it’s high time individual States exercised some authentic sovereign independence, by affirming membership in a genuine federal commonwealth and abandon this fascistic Washington “consensus.” Ellen Brown has the right idea ~ State banks.

    Borders can no longer mean a hell of a lot in eco-systemic & bio-regional terms, but they do represent some sort of symbolic jurisdictional outreach that defines demographic boundaries. However the physical (geographically defined) margins are less significant than are living totemic interfaces. Life evolves where incommensurates meet. This is what the ancient pagan societies understood better than us. Oceans do not recognize abstractions, climate is not confined to a particular neighbourhood. Species do not vote. Galaxies do not arrange themselves in tidy grid-squares.

    We need new maps, new ideas and a new sense of mutating, co-creative responsibility and movement. The universe is surely far stranger than we can even begin to imagine in our present impoverished historical state of “human” evolutionary intelligence.

  10. The only thing I can say is; who wants the terrorists to win? Actually, I’ll say a little more to explain and elaborate. When GW Bush was allowed to act as dictator and the republicans happily pushed the Patriot Act through, those who did not support them were asked: “Do you want the terrorists to win?” Along with “If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about!”. Id like to say these things to those who constantly said those things to me and many more less kind things like it. Though I don’t agree with it, I find it humorous that the hypocrisy is do obvious, in fact, many of those in the Bush administration worked with the Nixon administration, and we all what wiring tapping exposed got him. But his cohorts were not convinced that the president is not dictator, so they waited and waited until they could get a boob like GW Bush into power who would let them do what they wanted…and he would be happy as long as they let him invade Iraq, which had nothing to do with 9/11 and the Patriot Act. Maybe if Nixon was held accountable, things would be different, or maybe the victim wanna-be politicians could claim him even more a hero like they do with Ronald Reagan who they believe is a victim of a tarnished I image by the “liberal” media. What most people don’t know is, these Nixon-Reagan-Bush lovers have always been up to is rewriting history. One example is the movement to get Reagan’s name on federal buildings all over the country and place statues of him all over too. Most Americans will assume this means he was an honorable non-liberal, non- terrorist living politician, without realizing he was a Neo-liberal who worked with terrorists, we call thing ‘Iran Contra’. So don’t mind me when I giggle at the sound of the whines from the conservatives….hypocrisy has a way of doing this to me. As for hiding anything, come on down FBI, CIA, NSA, HLS, or even the OPPs of the world, I’ve got nothing to hide, and if I did, these Big Bros only want the goodies or to create goodies on those they want to demonized and kill. At this time, I do not have the power to stop the US government from acting the way it always has; the largest terrorist organization ever known to mankind. One more thing, and burn this into your mind; the next time we have a Republican, and you question what the government is doing, do be surprised if they say; “Do you want the terrorists to win?”

    • Define terrorist! Begin with the beginning of this century. Any sane person who does not know that it took six nations to pull off 9/11 has been incommunicado for the length of the century. Considering what you now know at this point about the invasion of your privacy, subjecting you to decade long wars against no one but everyone by lying and inveigling do you really think 9/11 was pulled off by a little band of rogue muslim with incredibly good luck?

      So, let me ask you. DO YOU WANT THE TERRORISTS TO WIN?

      • Um if u haven’t noticed both the radical Muslim terrorists won, Which is exactly what the Busg regime wanted and the USGOV is still terrorizing the world….so they all won already, those who lost are the American people and I for one I am glad I am closer to the end of my life than the beginning because its going to get worse here in the USA, not better. 9/11 was just one of many to come and incidents like the Boston Marathon that actually happened a few thousand feet from where I live, is just an example of what the USGov does DAILY all over the world….creating more terrorists. So again OUR terrorists, the largest ever known the mankind, the USGov and anyone else they piss off who they will call terrorists will always win!

  11. You blindly place all of the blame for the current criminal, fascist government that has been evolving since the post-WWII era squarely upon the shoulders of the multi-national corporations and their prostitutes within both our federal and state governments. They are certainly responsible to a great degree. However, you and most who criticize our current dystopia which exists, fail, as usual, to point your finger towards the mentally defective, politically and economically ignorant, intellectually lazy amerikan citizens; who have continued to live their lives with their heads firmly planted into their rectums. They choose to ignore the obvious, instead preferring to lead their lives within a fully delusional bubble. Their little, meaningless personal fiefdoms their only true concern. The majority repeat, mindlessly, the propaganda fed to them by corporate media presstitutes. The majority profess to believe in the ideals of their respective christian sects, profess to have great concern for the future lives of their children and grandchildren, while being complicit in destroying their economic and environmental futures It is the citizens of this collapsing nation who are mostly responsible for current conditions; through their refusing to acknowledge reality.

    • I agree with you Chasfa,

      The fault is with the People themselves. They are in general [the general population-majority] just as you describe them.

      “In a democracy the people generally get the government they deserve” – I don’t remember who said that, but I would add that in ANY form of government the people generally get the government they deserve.

      Don’t forget how long this has been going on here…”The only good Injun is a dead Injun”…a sentiment attributed to Sherman, but much older than that in fact.

      I agree with the article’s author and all the comments with minor caveats.

      I especially disagree with personalizing the enemy using the puppet regime monikers..”Obama’s push”?? He is a titular “leader” a reader of scripts. Amerika is just the garrison state for the Global Empire. The true architects are in the shadows…the Rothschild Zionist banking houses, and all the interlocking directorates spread out in the Matrix of this postmodern paradigm.


      • Hybridrogue1, your final Jew baiting reveals yourself as the inheritor of Hitler’s Nazi racist cloak, not the mantles of freedom% people lovers.

      • Hybridrogue, what’s with the comment about “Rothschild Zionist banking houses”? Sounds conspiratorial and possibly anti-Jewish. Do you really believe that Jews control all the banks in the world?

        You are aware that many, many Jews are not Zionists.

        • Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism. If you think my comment is beyond the pale go read the Andrew Gavin Marshall series you are publishing here yourself.

          Let’s be adult here, and dispense with the knee-jerk hysteria and jejune cries of “Antisemitism”.

          Zionism is the credo of “Might is Right”, proclaiming that the “Ends Justify the Means”, those who promote such ethos and strategy come from every race and heritage.

          Those who comprehend the architecture of political power and real history, understand that the Jews themselves have been some of the greatest victims of the Zionists. The common Jew has no more comprehension of the vile Zionist agenda than the common person of any group.

          This is the bloody 21st century – why does this sort of thing have to be explained to supposedly sophisticated political thinkers and those posing as adults?

          The idea that Zionism equates to Judaism is another form of Orwellian Doublethink.

          “You are aware that many, many Jews are not Zionists.”~Lo

          YES, and many, many Zionists are not Jews

          Does everything I say here need a prologue and apology?


        • Thank you for explaining, Hybridrogue, as I did not know what you meant by “Zionist Rothschild” bankers.

          Unfortunately, many who do use that term are indeed very anti-Semitic.

        • Yes, it seems there is a complex history and misunderstanding of the terms here.

          I think those wishing to sort this out would do well to read Douglas Reed’s CONTROVERSY OF ZION…

          Reed himself was slurred as Antisemitic. Modern researchers are becoming more and more aware of what a “magic phrase” the term “Antisemitic” is, as far as handwaving anything the elite globalists wish to be ignored.

          Even a thorough understanding of who was behind the establishment of the Federal Reserve begins to put the picture together. In the end one comes to realize who the haberdashers were that created “Hitler’s Nazi racist cloak”: Read Antony Sutton’s, WALL STREET AND THE RISE OF HITLER, for a detailed history full of citations.

          Orwell’s ‘Memory Hole’ has been flaming real history far longer than the story 1984.


        • Am I speaking to Lo, when replying to “dandelionsalad”?

          As you have the handle on the moderation here, it is your call.

          I used to post commentary on OEN. Rob Kall had the same types of rules. Certain terms were verboten, among those was the term “Zionist”.

          Kall ended up doing a rather Stalinist Purge of close to 20 of his most interesting commentators. This was just at the end of 2008. His site has since turned into one of those milquetoast – “non-offensive” sites, rather akin to what you get on the mainstream.

          I suppose “conspiracy theory” is something you may also find “offensive” {?} Another term meant to silence debate without actually examining the issues.

          It is your site, you can make the rules as you see fit. I see it as censorship. But I won’t argue the point with you.

          At one time the term “International Bankers” itself was seen as “Antisemitic”…it has become much too obvious that there is a cabal of international bankers however, and banning that phrase is beyond silly in this modern or postmodern era [choose your terms]

          So okay, “Zion” and it’s derivatives are to be deleted from the lexicon here. So be it.


        • I’m sorry, Hybridrogue, I certainly didn’t mean to offend you. I enjoy reading your comments and you do add a different perspective to this Socialist blog. And yes, Lo = dandelionsalad, the editor and owner of this blog.

          Now, to be clear I didn’t censor your comment or the word, Zionist. I just stated that I personally was offended, but that’s because I’m Jewish and my family is Jewish and I worry about them in the future. Just think this through: when (not if) the economic collapse hits, many people are going to blame “the Jews” whether we had anything to do with it or not. The end result may not be pleasant. As I stated before, many people who use the term “Zionist banker” are indeed anti-Jewish.

          With that said, this blog is not a pro-Israel blog nor Zionist in any way. I disagree with Zionism on religious grounds. God did not set up the state of Israel, men did. Since that time, Israel has engaged in extreme human rights violations so I do not support the government of Israel. I do, however, love the Jewish people.

          As far as conspiracy theories go, see Parenti’s speech: https://dandelionsalad.wordpress.com/2011/05/11/michael-parenti-conspiracy-and-class-power-1993/


          Another one to watch:


        • “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

          Orwell himself was once slurred as an “Antisemite”. The ranks of those thus defamed is legion…


        • dandelionsalad, on July 8, 2013 at 8:18 PM

          Thanks for the comments Lo.

          I worry about the same thing as per when the crash comes…and the insanity that ensues blaming the blameless as usual.

          I love all the people as disappointed as I might be in their gross naivete. I get disgusted at exceptionalism of all kinds.
          I had some heavy arguments with a White Supremacist, a college professor with a blog that Rense used to link to. Can’t recall his name. But I found in his arguments the depths of hypocrisy when he railed against the Jews for their “chosen people” claims and then advised white people needed to join together in the same strategy.

          It was remarkable how bad his debating skills are. I mean this guy teaches at university. But if you go to his site there are legions of people singing hosanna and praise for his “brilliance”.

          There is a chance the Jewish people will be scapegoated again, precisely by the Zionists, who use them as a shield in so many instances. They are considered “the lesser brethren” by the hoity toity elites. And the battle lines drawn will certainly be based on class. That is the main war right there, class warfare.

          I will check out your link to Parenti, he’s been a favorite of mine for many years.

        • I just remembered this morning,Professor Kevin MacDonald, is the white exceptionalist I referred to earlier. Look him up…even though his ideas might anger you. I know they angered me.


      • hybrid , just woke up to this debate. looks like you are on the spitfire grill pal . you may need some of my rhetorical back flips .

        but i am going to opt out on this one . primarly becuase i read alot of revisionist work and this is a very complicated subject.

        although i would be interested in a few clarifications :
        1. Have you ever read the work of David Irving ?
        2. Do you think that we are firmly in the post modern era yet ? or is there a bit of a shall we say ..modern hangover out there ?

        • I haven’t read any of David Irving’s work, but of course I have heard of him.

          Yes I think we are in a postmodern era, but of course the borders to eras can be wide and ill-defined…or have multiple definitions based on the variety of opinions.


        • I agree with Rocket, it’s complicated. Moreover it’s also implausible to suppose that any one universal narrative can possibly capture the essence of what we suppose to be some historical reality. What essence and whose reality?

          It’s easy to shoot fish in a virtual barrel, and any leading Rothschild is a pretty big fish, so it’s impossible to miss. Irresistible to some if the barrel is branded ZION (noiz backwards.) Whether their being Jewish is actually significant or not is almost like asking whether the Queen of England is actually royal. What does it actually mean?

          Presumably God has to enter into these particular equations somewhere. As for Zionists, or any other “ists” for that matter, like the communist, sexist, racist or the extravagantly peddled illuminatist etc (ad nauseam,) who really knows enough to convince us they actually understand what they are talking about?

          Do you have to be a Zionist to be israeli? Obviously not. Or Jewish? clearly not. Of course most who identify as Jews will have different ideas about what it actually means to be Jewish. Are Gypsies all the same? Or do Roma differ from Travellers who differ from Romanies or Gitanos, Tziganes, Zigaris? Are all black people not exactly white? There are many competing narratives, some more credible than some others. Most encode agendas of one sort or another. What about gender?

          The root of the difficulty seems to be traceable back to some very ancient Persian notions of good and evil.

        • Yes David,

          Meaning is a personal construct. We all have a unique perspective based on time and space and our position within it.

          We can dispense with it all, and throw our hands up and do a Mr Natural and exclaim “It don’t mean shit”…

          Of course at that point the blogs go blank and the music’s over…turn out the lights.

          One of my girlfriends uncles was in Irgun as a teenager. He has a lot to say on what it means to be Israeli and why he left Israel when he matured and realized what was really taking place in Palestine.

          We can throw up our hands and say it is this opinion or that, but real events happened in history and lie heavy on the present.

          The myth of “a land without people for a people without land” should be put to bed.

          I am not racist or xenophobic in anyway whatsoever. And I find the innuendo suggestive of such as quite insulting.

          Such suggestions are based firmly in ignorance of the topics I have addressed, and dependent on the fear of certain terms in language.

          Anyone who has studied history and sociology for as long as I have is well aware of the synthetic nature of the taboos enforced on certain terms, the genesis of such taboos, and what they are meant to conceal.

          Yes, yes, mention the ‘magic word’ and watch as the brainwashed get the vapors and faint…


        • Not sure which magic word you’re referring to, but if it’s any comfort to you, I’ve spent most of my life skating on pretty thin ice, and have never made any secret of my contempt for Israel’s unholy arrogance and American Jewry’s ambiguous allegiances to Zionist pretexts..

          As for the flaky banking fraternity, greedy bastard is spelled the same in any language and I’m no friend of those who profit from cynical deceit.

          I think the problem here was the inference that you may have been advocating a rather tired and cliched type of race-based historicism, that when scrutinized renders up a thinly disguised and reactionary apologetic, spun from prejudice swollen by misinformed “religious” rhetoric. Rocket and I occasionally hash these matters out without fear of mutual insult or imprecation..

          Clearly that was not your drift, so if I for one have caused you offense, I hasten to reassure you it was not intended thus.

        • No David,

          I found no insult in anything you or Rocket have said.

          Take that last part as a general statement not meant for any particular individual.

          When I speak of the Z-word I am usually referring to the City of London. The Palestinian grab is long after the encroachment in the British Empire. I don’t see religion as having anything to do with the topic. Religion is a cover and a red herring.

          This dialectic of one is either a supporter of Israel or one must be a supporter of Hitler is also another synthetic mind trap.

          The main glitch is that PR effects the emotions, it bypasses the critical facilities using trap-words, that work just like trap-doors. In many instances even using the word “Jew” causes ringing bells and mind static – UNLESS the speaker him or herself is Jewish. It is that ‘ticklish’ in many sectors.

          I was a special effects artist in Hollywood for many years. If I say that the Jews run Hollywood, is that a racist slur? It isn’t when you are part of Hollywood, part of the film industry. It is simply a given, a fact. There is no way not to see it. Did it bother me in any way during my tenure?
          I didn’t even think about it, it was sublimated. Do I think about it now?
          Sure I do, like when watching a film like True Lies, or the legions of other movies playing the ‘Jihadi Terrorist card’ – but to the average Amerikan it is that which is sublimated. “Of course all terrorists are rag-heads”, it is a given, it is subconscious; there is a real “war on terror” in most people’s minds. We can speak to media ownership concentration in just a few giant networks…but don’t mention exactly who that ownership is. Half truths are full lies. These dainty little dances around the way things really are is what Orwell was continually talking about, in his references to “political language”.

          And here, here and now on this page, I don’t know if I have gone ‘too far’ in speaking my mind. Because there is so much trembling, so much fear and loathing…one never knows who’s toes might be smarting at the moment. But I am sick and tired of pussyfooting around the edges of this dark abyss. I want to say exactly what it looks like from my vantage point.

          “Let us not talk falsely now, for the hour is getting late.”~Dylan


        • david , good to hear you are still alive pal . Lo is reposting a lot my work because i am busy this summer . i will be putting forth some new stuff in the fall . i got one on my admiration of sean penn’s activism and acting that i have not fleshed out yet . too busy writing new music and gigging .
          all the best. rocket

        • David asked earlier, what ‘magic word’ I was referring to.

          By “Magic Word” I mean any hot-button word or term that causes the critical facilities to cease as an emotional response takes over. This is how the use of taboo language is used for enchantment.

          The forbidden words are usually known as ‘curse words’ or ‘cussing’ as one category, another category are “culturally sensitive” words. Any word that has ‘shock value’. I will leave these to the imagination as it might seem prurient to list such words.


        • H — it is important that you stay on this blog and be a lone dissenter no matter what . as J.S.MIll stated ”it is by the collision of opinions that truth comes forth ”.

          Irving’s work on the bombing of Dresdon at first really turned of any discussion of WW2 with those who take a black and white veiw. but as time grew , a new consensus was formed that even Hitchens had to admit that the Allies bombing of Dresdon should be put in the same category of Hiroshima and Nagasaki .

          this is my kind of revisionism . some times it is very very hard to apporach something so complex and something so drilled into our heads our whole lives. but it must approached . i worte and article on this blog about exploding the myth of Lincoln .

        • Oh, Dresden. I didn’t know Irving was so instrumental in bringing the horror of that to light. The interesting path I took to Dresden was SLAUGHTER HOUSE FIVE, by Vonnegut.

          After reading the novel I looked it up. Horror of horrors. After the www came along I learned much more about it.

          No I don’t want to jump the blog, I have just been talking about my natural tendency to get rebellious when I am stifled or gagged.
          We have a lot more in common than we do in disagreement.

          I have been out on the perimeter of the politically correct, skating the rings of Saturn, tugging the horns of Moloch, kicking the shins of the Globaloids, and giving the raspberries to the criminal syndicate squatting in DC. If taunting the stasi el gestapoloonies doesn’t give me the shiver-me-timbers, Hah, been there many a time. I will only go when shown the door.


      • yes –the other one is Vonnegut. the movie ”Downfall ”done by Germans , with a jewish actor playing Hitler is very very good. when someone disagrees with someone who seeks an honest balanced assessment of WW2 they are called a Nazi . just as when one is critical of Lincoln they are called rascist . again ..it is contempt prior to investigation . the civil war had nothing to do with rascism or slavery but a land grab . WW2 had nothing to do defeating the Nazis . the Russians could have done that without us . Churchill is the same kind of Fascist as Hitler. Irving , a British historian finally after 20 years of banging away on the Dresdon issue got thru to form a new consensus . he went to jail for it too.

        Vonnegut said that we view ourselves ( Americans ) as sooooooooooooopure and good becuase we beat someone soo evil . this is what gave rise to Mccarthyism . ..and the witchunts. so political correctness is todays MCcarthyism .

        • Yes Rocket,

          It is remarkable, Lincoln’s place in the Lollipop History. Someone who managed one of the most gruesome periods. He did a lot of things to add to the precedents being developed for the oncoming police state. The war was so much about industrialism and so little about freedom or liberty. Those who’s families were to be the up and coming railroad tycoons, and the other industrialist now known as the Robber Barons, all have their seeds planted in the Civil War.

          I lived in south Georgia for five years prior to moving to my present location. There is still such bitterness left there, for the “Damned Yankees” – but also still a deep undercurrent of racism. It is covert to be sure, but the N-word has not lost its ‘Southern Charm’ for the good old boys…and these boys are part of every class level in that society.

          One of the guys I worked with, the president of the company, thought it was so clever to call the black folks “Democrats” as a code word for the ancient slur. It took me a while to catch on. I have to say that the experience there was like being dropped into an episode of the Twilight Zone…sometimes worse, like the sensation of having died and gone to purgatory. Those were dark days for many reasons, and where some of the most valuable lessons of life I have learned.

          I think I am verging on a ramble…so…


        • H — what people dont understand in this conversation here is the history of the Cromwell’s alliance in banking with Mannessa Ben Israel after the regicide of Charles the First.
          This as you know wled to the Jewish /Anglo/ American Alliance . FACT. this lead us into to 2 world wars that did not have to be .

          so , whenh somelike you rings this up , or me or whoever , we are immediatly either called anti-american , or anti-semitic , or whatever, just becuase we want to have a discussion where there an historical trajectory in [place. but taboo subjects are the most important for mythbusting , a term that David is fond of using in which i concur .

        • now … WW2 and those effected by it is still raw pain wise , so one must proceed with care . The best and most unemotional objective book i have read on Hitler is by Stolfi . its new and a must read.

        • Yea Rocket,

          Such history as that of Cromwell’s alliance in banking with Mannessa Ben Israel is totally esoteric to the mainstream.

          This sort of thing is what masks who the Saud family actually are as well. And the truth of that is hinted at in the obvious Talmudic influence in Wahhabi so-called “Islam”.

          There is so much “knowledge” of things that simply are not so, that it is a Behemoth Flabbergast – metaphorically, practically entity.

          As far as the term ‘Zion’, it should be remembered that it is analogous to the Romanized/Anglicized term ‘Sion’; that they are actually of the same root and agenda. [I use the doubling of Roman and English as this term originated while Britain was still occupied by the Hadrian legions.]

          There is much “Mythbusting” or untwining the strands of doublespeak to be done, as well as parsing opinion from data. An unending chore, but worthwhile and fascinating.


    • jim morrison’s words come to mind, “he who controls the media controls the minds.” let’s call prime time big capital media production for what it is, sociopathy and psychopathy. and its journalism demeans the vocation. if the parties were more serious about good leadership than soap opera, maybe they’d establish an effective vetting process.

      • highrpm,

        Good comment.

        Thing is, you can’t sell the soap without a persuasive opera.
        And of course the soap they are selling is brainwashing detergent.


        • H — what i see is a morphing thru history of fascistic regimes . The Roman empire really did not die when Constantine the 3rd lost to M the 2nd in the 14 th century like Gibbon says . it morphed into the Spanish Empire , to the French Zenith , to the British Empire , now to the American one . full circle ‘ China is next on the block unless India’s cheap labor does not keep undercutting their dollar.

          the key to understanding the jewish element in this in my view is the 3OO years of expulsion of the jews from England until Cromwell . this is key ! then comes in the Zionist/Anglo Alliance that eventually turns into the Zionist/Anglo/American alliance . it is solid till this day . meanwhile with the house of Saud and the Bush family you have am full force semetic/ Aglo alliance across the board

        • so we had desert storm war as a anglo/american/zion/house of saud alliance. that is about the closests it all came into public view. this banking largesse of money has united these factions . whew ! talk about showing their hand ..and with little resistence from the public ./

        • Desert Storm –THE closest it ever came to showing the public what is really going on with the house of saud/anglo/american/zionist union of filthy rich banking money . and the public missed it . it was like Poe’s purloined letter. out in the open ! and yet it was unseen and unprotested.

        • Rocket,

          I used to say that the Roman empire never died…and the the Catholic Church is just the Roman empire in drag. And of course the church/state alliance of the concept of “royalty”… Cathedrals and the architecture of psychological enchantment….now become electric necromancy. Blessed are the still-born, who have chosen to sit this one out.


        • H– touche … lucid . alot of truth to that , but as Augustine said ”the churchman sins but the church cannot sin ”.
          i think that Augustine could make mince meat of Dan Brown in a debate .

          well , yeah your statement is kind of a given , until we get to the Anglo American alliance. the british Empire sort of gave the Church a run for its money , but when Garibaldi turned the Italian provinces into a nation state VATICAN 1 fought back thru the Black Noble movement of chruch reactionarys . Pacelli’s granfather was the leader of that movement . Cornwell documents this well in”Hitler’s Pope ”.

        • ”the churchman sins but the church cannot sin ”~Augustine

          What is an organization but the cumulative whole of the men who run it?

          Just as a corporation is not a “person” neither is the church.
          [Both are fictitious entities – constructs of human imagination.]

          You never answered my question: “Is the Pope infallible?”


        • you never asked me if the pope was infallible but what i thought of the new pope.

          Papalinfallibily –blown out of proportion . only when he sits ”ex cathedra” echoing Orthodoxy. catholics are so undereducated in this area. they think that everything he says is infallable and that is not church doctrine . strong advice , but never infallable ..unless echoeing orthodoxy . very rare event in history . very.

          the church cannot be taken in aggregate as in regards to Augustines statement .

        • Rocket have you ever read or heard of William Lane Craig?

          If so, what is your assessment of his thinking?


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