Whistleblower Russ Tice: NSA Blackmailing Obama? + Does Dianne Feinstein Know She Was Wiretapped? by Peter B. Collins

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Updated: July 17, 2013

breakingtheset on Jul 9, 2013

Abby Martin talks to Russell Tice, former intelligence analyst and original NSA whistleblower, about how the recent NSA scandal only scratches the surface of a massive surveillance apparatus, citing specific targets that he saw spying orders for including former senators Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama.


Updated: July 17, 2013

NSA Whistleblower Russell Tice Offers More Details: Sen. Feinstein and Others Were Wiretapped by NSA

Peter B. Collins
July 15, 2013

In our interview in June, NSA Whistleblower Russell Tice told Sibel Edmonds and PBC flatly that Senate Intelligence Chair Dianne Feinstein was one of many targets of NSA surveillance, using wiretapping and other methods.  Big Question: does Feinstein know this, or has NSA kept it secret even from its highest-ranking oversight official? We kept this interview brief, and to the point:  Is Sen. Feinstein unaware that NSA targets top elected leaders, including herself?  If she is aware, does she support domestic surveillance programs because she is compromised by blackmail or other leverage?  And even if she is not compromised, does she see the potential for abuse by a rogue NSA?

We open with a quick summary of Tice’s background, and then he details the wiretapping of Feinstein’s offices, homes, and family.  Tice also says NSA used other surveillance methods on Feinstein, and places the initiation of wiretaps in 2004 or 2005.  He responds to questions about evidence for his disclosures, and his motive for revealing them now.

And he recaps the story of his appearance with Feinstein and Sen. Orrin Hatch on CNN’s Larry King show, where the senators defended the programs that Tice knew were also monitoring them.

Please share this widely:  if Feinstein will answer these questions honestly, we might see a break in the hold NSA appears to have over top elected officials.



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20 thoughts on “Whistleblower Russ Tice: NSA Blackmailing Obama? + Does Dianne Feinstein Know She Was Wiretapped? by Peter B. Collins

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    • Quite remarkable interview, thanks Lo. I think the real message here is that secrecy, unless conducted for solely pragmatic reasons, to retain security in a resistance mode under duress for example, is always indicative of criminality.

      Secrets in plain sight have become something of a cliche in the internet age, but in fact, accountable open source intelligence, symbolic coherence and complete esoteric transparency should be our principle objectives.

  9. When we consider the elevation and installation of Barack Hussein Obama to the office of the presidency, we should marvel at the amazing, almost magical feat of Public Relations. The negation and total reversal of more than a two decades of conditioning in a matter of months.

    Consider this linguistic similitude: Barack Hussein Osama…
    Saddam Hussein PLUS Osama bin Laden — two boogeymen deeply cued into the public psyche.

    Only powerful neurolinguistic reprogramming can dispel such long held ingrained subliminal bias markers – PLUS, to pull it off with the essential, almost perfect 50/50 dialectical split of the population.

    This dialectical split is one of the essential elements in the democratic façade – as it builds a strategy of tension keeping the population divided almost perfectly in-half {discounting the perpetually bewildered,and the prescient few}.

    This is fine tuned technocracy in action. And a taboo revelation for any mainstream discussion.


  10. Really good conversation, and amusing too ~ “Hollywood DC for ugly people” pretty hilarious Abby.

    It’s all beginning to unravel now, so it’s really a question of time and whether the firewall of extreme riches and exceptional privilege is enough to insulate these sociopathic tycoons from due (international) process. If the entire US system is compromised, then it would appear that the only options are extra-judicial, external and/or foreign to it.

    Perhaps we should be encouraging smaller countries to launch more independent tribunals and also to get to work suing the US Executive for criminal trespass, murder, invasion of privacy, state interference, intimidation, egregious aggression etc. At the very least, draw up a full and adequate list of Nuremberg style indictments.

  11. Seeing all this technology and seeing how it is put to use, Hitler would turn green with envy. Even George Orwell might want to re-write his famous book.

  12. I think the question as to whether NSA is blackmailing Obama because his name is on a list of politicians being surveilled is jumping to conclusions. Even if Obama has blackmailable sins in his closet doesn’t mean that was the intent of the spying.

    As far as I can tell, “being dirty” is a prerequisite for membership in the US political club. It is more likely he was being vetted by those seeking some compromised personalities.

    Obama may be a mystery man – and a total synthetic legend to the public, but he is not to his handlers. He seems to have been groomed for this position from a young age.

    I am not saying that Tice’s information is not important – it is exceedingly so. I am saying that it seems people are misinterpreting what it all means.


    • Thanks, Hybridrogue. Good points.

      I think that is why there is a question mark at the end of the title, which is taken directly from the Russia Today video. It is a short interview. I suggest listening to the longer one with Russ Tice listed at the end of the post.

      • Thanks Lo,

        I have listened to Russ Tice on both Boiling Frogs, and several Corbett interviews.
        I still wonder how this will all shake out. Will the zombified Amerikan population ever wake up and smell the java? How much clearer does it have to be made that the system is totally perverse? It is certainly a goat’s play__a tragedy.


        • And I’m sure I speak for many if I say we are deeply grateful to you Lo for the effort and commitment you put into this.

          I think the point about Obama is that he has been pegged and tagged from way back as suggested above. It may not necessarily only be about crude blackmail or control through intimidation ~ that is pretty naive behaviorally speaking and can easily boomerang-back; it can only work for smaller, more compliant fry.

          Bribery will suit some, whereas psychologically sophisticated rewards would attract more ambitious types. The more cunning the lure the bigger the fish.

          I think it would be more a matter of monitoring and mentoring, of “encouraging” him as a prospective candidate for high position and (pseudo-)authority.

          I reckon hy-ro used the right word “grooming…”

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