Criticizing Military = Aiding the Enemy? Bradley Manning Charge Upheld + Michael Ratner: All Publishers Are At Risk

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RussiaToday on Jul 19, 2013

Prospects are looking bleak for the US army whistleblower Bradley Manning. A military judge has refused to drop the charge against him of ‘aiding the enemy’. That means the army private – who turned over thousands of classified documents to WikiLeaks – could spend the rest of his life behind bars with no chance of parole.


Judge in Bradley Manning Trial Refuses to Dismiss Most Serious Charges

TheRealNews on Jul 19, 2013

Michael Ratner: Even though judge refused to grant defense motion to dismiss charges of aiding the enemy, Manning still could be found not guilty of that count.


The Real News

[…] It makes the publisher, a publisher, whether it’s WikiLeaks or The New York Times into the indirect aider of the enemy. Everything they publish that the enemy can read, classified or not, becomes aiding the enemy.

So what you’re seeing here now in this case is a major, major clampdown on our free press. And it’s going to have two terrible effects. The first one, of course, is anybody in the military who leaks documents to the media is taking literally their life in their hands, because it’s a death penalty charge. And if the enemy reads it or if it’s arguable that they could read it or they would read it, that he has knowledge that they will read it, as they do read The New York Times, it’s the death penalty charge.

And, of course, what does it do to publishers? What does it do to WikiLeaks, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian? It says, you publishers, you, by publishing national security information, quote, by publishing information on criminality and hypocrisy of our own government, you are aiding the enemy.


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11 thoughts on “Criticizing Military = Aiding the Enemy? Bradley Manning Charge Upheld + Michael Ratner: All Publishers Are At Risk

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  8. In fairness to Manning, the CIA, knew he was a odd ball and He had displayed certain traits that made him suspect in terms of his reliability also I seem to remember he was used in the department He was in that lacked staff for this position, the justice system is making him in to a example and showing him excessive punishment, the justice should give him greater leniency as fault is not entirely with him.

    • I think there’s a lot more to this donwreford.

      Bradley is what Amnesty (after Benenson 1961) describe(s) as a prisoner of conscience.

      It should give immediate pause for thought, when we reflect on the fact that such extremely high profile prisoners in the US like Peltier and Abu-Jamal are also extremely intelligent and highly motivated. Manning is no different, nor is Snowden. And these are all male “victims,” there are also extraordinary women in detention.

      Such courageous human beings are enormous social and political assets, not criminal liabilities. What does it say about the US system that it demonizes and penalizes such intelligence and trivializes their ethical stand? This is not just an immoral waste, it is an unequivocal indictment of US policy and what it really stands for, which is dictatorship.

      I’d best say no more, as Mr Obama may decide to deliver an affectionate drone through my letter box.

  9. Fact is, Bradley Manning may stand accused of aiding an alleged enemy (although Al Qaeda the product of the CIA is no longer such a demonized liability, but is again an asset because it is an ally now for the US, in Syria;) but, he is also “guilty” of aiding the United States by informing its public of criminal behaviour and wrongdoing.

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