“Justice for Trayvon” rallies in 100 cities across USA

Rally in response to the George Zimmerman verdict

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Dandelion Salad

TheRealNews on Jul 21, 2013

Marches across the country demands civil right charges against ZImmerman.


‘Justice for Trayvon’ rallies hit 100 US cities

RussiaToday on Jul 20, 2013

Protests are underway across the US – a week after a Florida court acquitted George Zimmerman, who shot dead an unarmed black teenager. Organisers expect more than a hundred cities to take part in the rallies. RT’s Gayane Chichakayan was among the crowds in Washington. READ MORE: http://on.rt.com/ddeeki


FINALLY… A Mainstream Journalist Speaks Truth on the Trayvon Martin Travesty!

lipstickradio on Jul 14, 2013

Journalist Martin Bashir spits some REAL truths and facts about the Trayvon Martin outcome! I applaud him for his honesty despite the “professional” backlash he may receive.


Updated: July 22, 2013

Cornel West: Obama’s Response to Trayvon Martin Case Belies Failure to Challenge “New Jim Crow”

democracynow on Jul 22, 2013

http://www.democracynow.org – For a response to President Obama’s comments on the acquittal of George Zimmerman and racism in the United States, we’re joined by Dr. Cornel West, professor at Union Theological Seminary and author of numerous books. On Obama’s remarks comparing himself to Trayvon Martin, West says: “Will that identification hide and conceal the fact there’s a criminal justice system in place that has nearly destroyed two generations of precious, poor black and brown brothers? [Obama] hasn’t said a word until now — five years in office and can’t say a word about a ‘new Jim Crow.’ … Obama and [Attorney General Eric] Holder — will they come through at the federal level for Trayvon Martin? We hope so — [but] don’t hold your breath. There’s going to be many people who say, ‘We see this President is not serious about the criminalizing of poor people.'”

from the archives:

Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin: Trayvon was sacrificed to expose injustice

Dick Gregory at Trayvon Martin Rally DC

6 thoughts on ““Justice for Trayvon” rallies in 100 cities across USA

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  2. I understand the law of “first aggressor”. Zimmerman was indeed first aggressor. One looses the ‘right to self defense’ under the rule of first aggressor. Legally Zimmerman should then be liable for manslaughter.

    However under the supreme law of the land, the Constitution is the critical law against ‘Double Jeopardy’. Again, if there is to be Law, it must first and foremost adhere to the supreme law.

    It is because of the lack of adherence to the supreme law of the land that there are tainted prosecutions, based on the lack of citizen grand juries. As such there are ‘political’ considerations despoiling the criminal justice system. Both prosecutors and judges are involved in political matters that surround their cases.

    Yes Lo, it’s all fucked-up. But each time the Constitution is abridged, the system falls deeper into the abyss. You know the old saying:

    “Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right.”


      • Lo,

        I am of course familiar with the pretense of the distinction between a “criminal” and a “civil” trial.

        Do not pretend that this is not a second trial of Zimmerman for the same accusations. Like I said before the precedence has been set for this sort of Newspeak jabberwacky before.

        The terminology of “Life or Limb” is a constriction squeezed beyond reason to allow the pretense of a “change of venue” of these unjust constructions of the Fifth Amendment.

        How can Zimmerman be fined for a killing he has already been acquitted of, without the REAL effect of putting aside said acquittal.
        It is legally pigally nonsense {See: Bucky Fuller for the definition of ‘legally pigally’}.


  3. Ah yes “democracy in action”…demanding unconstitutional action such as DOUBLE JEOPARDY. A precedent unfortunately already set.

    “Let us then counter one injustice with a demand to dismantle justice in its entirety.”~The Bewildered Herd


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