Noam Chomsky: The Corporatization of the University (2013)

Say No to the Corporate University

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Dandelion Salad

with Noam Chomsky

Isaac Epstein on Jul 14, 2013

July 12, 2013. Rackham Auditorium, University of Michigan

Sponsored by: GEO, LEO, MI-AAUP

Lead Organizer: Jim McAsey

Videographer: Isaac Epstein

All proceeds benefitted the Carol Chomsky Fund. If you enjoyed this talk, please make a donation at

(Q&A starts at 54 minutes into the video.)


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11 thoughts on “Noam Chomsky: The Corporatization of the University (2013)

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      • pv ~ I understand your impatience, but the detail is important, it lends moral gravitas and intellectual weight. Professor N C has an enormous amount of material to his credit, and he talks as a conscientious historian should; one of the very few academics who have the courage and the commitment to spell out the excluded truth as he understands it.

        Of course there is a time and place for coherent sound-bite rhetoric, it is a great art not unrelated to the gift of satire; but in a formal presentation like this, people expect substance and truly value the deep content…after all, he won’t be around forever ~ at least, not in those particularly unique moccasins…don’t forget the Egyptian ankh was a sandal strap, an ancient symbol of the power of the gods to “go forth…”

  6. This is a brilliant lecture, despite the evident difficulty he has in hearing some of the longer questions. Perhaps questions should be submitted in written form as well, possibly in advance.

    It may be time for us to rethink advanced study, or perhaps rather to re-conceptualize learning in more advanced terms ~ as an embedded praxis, through direct engagement with an intellectual environment or social context that is an evolving cognitive process of reciprocal and mutual development.

    The essence of learning can be summarized (I would suggest) as twofold: in the first place, as a conversation, through trust, respect and intelligent symbolic interaction that is a creative dialogue with nature and our fellow species; & secondly ~ as the acquisition of cognitive tools that empower individuals to make study a contemplative path into reflexive meaning, through indigenous grounding that supports eco-social coherence.

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