So Sorry For All The Emails On the Older Blog Posts by Lo

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by Lo
editor, Dandelion Salad
Aug. 15, 2013

I’m so sorry that many of you have received too many emails from Dandelion Salad.

I have had to edit over 200 older posts in the last few days. First I had to make them “privately” published, then had to edit them and republish them.

For those of you who have your setting for receiving a new email message for every new post on Dandelion Salad, that means you have received too many email messages recently.

Please set your subscription to “daily” and then you will only receive one email per day. You have to make these changes yourself as I don’t have any control over the email notifications.

Thanks to all who have subscribed to the email newsletters.

15 thoughts on “So Sorry For All The Emails On the Older Blog Posts by Lo

  1. How to Change Your Setting:

    Look at the bottom of any email message, there you will find a “Manage Subscriptions” link. Once there you can change any of the WordPress blogs that you follow to “daily” or “single”.

    • Just finished editing over 200 blog posts this week. Hope I don’t have to do that again. Whew! Worked 14 hours on Sat and a bit less each day since then. Thankfully I didn’t have to water the garden this week.

  2. What everyone else said . . . I thought the selection of posts was intentional too. And they are all still relevant and important. I’m always happy to see anything by Chris Hedges. And doubly-so for the now-seemingly-forgotten, greatly-persecuted Scott Ritter. If you don’t know his Real story over the last 20 years, it is revelatory and important–still.

    If the media and government officials actually cared about facts and weren’t pre-determined to attack Iraq, we would never have invaded in the first place, just based on Ritter’s information alone. (Btw, a very strong argument can be made–contact me if you wish for details–that the one force that kept us from attacking Iran during 2005-2008 was the work of one man–Scott Ritter.

    • Thanks Roland, and thanks for sharing on Facebook/Twitter, too. Many of these older posts received more views because of your sharing.

      I enjoyed looking over some of Ritter’s work as well as Hedges’ work. Most still quite relevant to today.

  3. Thanks Lo for all the excellent blog posts 🙂 I thought you may have had a little malfunction somewhere 😉 but I was glad to receive them anyway. I appreciate the time you put into all the posts, particularly the videos 🙂 Cheers

    • Thanks so much. Glad you enjoy the video posts almost all of them are ones that I have found and posted. It’s to cover issues that the writers may not have covered, in general.

      I wish it was only a malfunction. It has not been fun having to edit over 200 posts. I still have about 20 left to do later tonight.

  4. I thought you were sending them because you thought they were applicable to stuff going on now…and a lot of them were! I liked re-reading some of them, too

    • It’s true that many of the older posts are relevant to today, even more so than when they were first posted.

      Thanks for understanding and glad you enjoyed looking at some of the older ones.

  5. Thank you for your excellent articles. I wondered why so many were sent to me these past 2 days. I am glad you have fixed them. Keep up you superb work and keep the mailing moderate. Sincerely,


    • Thanks, Georgianne, however, you are the one to change your settings. You can find a link to change your settings at the end of any of the emails. I suggest setting it to “daily” if you are using the “follow” feature for the emails.

    • Thanks, Tom! I so appreciate your support. Glad you enjoyed looking at some of the older posts, too.

      For ease in finding any older posts, you can click on the Archives links for any particular month and year, then once there use the calendar and hover over any particular date to see the list of posts for that day. Unfortunately, many of the older blog posts with videos, the videos are no longer available.

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