New Age Christianity: The Crossless Gospel of Deception By Rocket Kirchner (repost)

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by Rocket Kirchner
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Rocket Kirchner (blog)
Rocket Kirchner (youtube channel)
Originally published Nov. 16, 2010
August 17, 2013

“Jesus is just alright with me” by the Doobie Brothers comes blaring out a car window. “I got a friend named Jesus” is heard from the song “Spirit in the sky”. Churches like Unity, Unitarian Universalism, The School of Metaphysics, and many, many others all have Jesus in their pantheon along with the other great divinities of world religions. Jesus the friend, the god, the myth. There is only one problem with this: lack of critical thinking. And if Europe is suffering from what many critics describe as “Metaphysical boredom”, then America is plagued by “Metaphysical lunacy”.

Have the New Agers ever stopped to think that the early Christians were martyred in Rome because they refused to put Jesus of Nazareth in the pantheon with the other gods? For to them He was God. The only One. Period. Now that may not prove that He was. But it does prove that they believed that He was. And many of them knew him when He actually walked the Earth. Forgiveness and reconciliation were not just a major part of Christ’s teachings, they were at the center of His teachings. And at the center of the center is that before there can be forgiveness and reconciliation between humans and other humans, it must first begin with God reconciling the world unto Himself. Enter the cross and vicarious expiatory blood sacrifice. In other words, according to the early followers of Jesus, He did not just die as a martyr. He died as a sacrifice for sin. Does this prove that it is a fact? No. But what it does prove is that this is what the early Christians believed to be a fact, and this was a matter of public record that they believed this. This sacrificial death motif is either misunderstood today or deliberately omitted. And we wonder why there is no world peace and why humans are not reconciled with each other. They first have to be reconciled with God. There is no short cut. First things first.

Not even looking at what the early Christians believed, this New Age ersatz noncritical thinking has truncated and distorted historical Christianity into a sort of recycled Gnostic paradigm that is theologically Docetist by omitting the early disciples claim of Christ being the Creator of all things and his death on the cross as being the only way of salvation. So this New Age crowd has created a fictitious Jesus in their own image that contains the same kind of lunacy that the Christian fundamentalists are involved in. America,land without a past, nor understanding the past, is well lobotomized indeed. To today’s typical New Ager we are all God. And “Jesus is just alright!”

This would all be so funny if it was not so serious. This is dumbing down at its worse. And it is an insult not only to Christ and his followers, but also all world religions whose major founders forbade anyone to worship them. Only Jesus had the nerve to forgive sins. Only Jesus received worship and in that culture every Orthodox Jew knew what that meant. It meant that He was taking upon Himself all the prerogatives of Deity. That is why the early Christians told the Romans that they did not recognize the divinity of Caesar. The irony in all of this is that the New Agers are doing nothing new. The crossless gospel has been around for as long as the proclamation of the cross has been around. The crossless gospel of deception has always been popular. For the pig in us rejects the words of Christ that say “pick up your cross and follow me”. So the pig creates his own gospel. It’s mindless. It’s groovy. It’s easy. It’s a lie.


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12 thoughts on “New Age Christianity: The Crossless Gospel of Deception By Rocket Kirchner (repost)

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  3. Amnesia in the garden? Indifference and becoming desensitized about life,render an otherwise open mind – closed.Hence,critical thinking skills are subsequently compromised and diverted.
    Salvation only applies to the hereafter,not to the here and now.

    • if salvation is not a here and now experience with the corresponding power to pull it off Jim , then it is not salvation ..but wishful thinking . ..abstract , impotent , and boring . the power of the cross and the resurrection is the decisive qualitative difference between experiencing the hereafter in the here and now , verses some kind of pie in the sky crossless ear tickling message that comes from the phony coiners of beautiful smiles , instead of something that has what it takes to transform the human heart.

      • Your retort to my posit would equally apply to the writer of this article. “…the Creator of all things and his death on the cross as being the only way of salvation.” Death is the hereafter not,”Deadman walking”.
        Experiencing salvation in the here and now seems…wishful thinking…abstract, etc.
        You are right though, the cross – is in the here and now,and the resurrection – belongs in the hereafter.
        Where and what is this corresponding power to “pull it off” that you refer to? This of course,is a rhetorical question.

        • James , forgive me for not answering in the rhetorical . the reason why is that i must answer in the existential , because personal subjective experience is overrules so call objective certainty . only one who embraces objective ”uncertainty ” can gave authentic faith , because Christ is an object of faith .

          but i will answer : first of all , wish thinking in the Freudian definition has certain assumptions to it . and that is that everyone who shows any kind of faith has it . many do , but not with me . wish thinking is a ”self initiated activity”. One the other hand , true conversion has to be initiated from heaven . the latter is the case with me , and it has stuck with me for 39 years.

          concerning the Resurrection. when has Christ alive burning deeply within one , that recipient becomes a ”resurrection phenomenon ”in the here and now . the power to pull this off comes by a simple surrender to this mystery that has to be seen as absurd to the natural mind for it transcends it . it must also be viewed as absurd and idiotic and madness from the point of view of those on the outside looking in who have never experienced it .

          St. Paul sums it up best ”the gospel is foolishness to those who are perishing , but to us who are being saved , it is the power of God ”. notice he says the word ”being ” . that i because salvation is a process in the here and now from being save from ourselves and all our machinations , false self , in order to get back to what the Zen masters call ”our original face”

    • That is why it is imperative to understand and know the real Christ who was killed by religious people , as THE alternative to religion .

  4. From Facebook comment #1:

    “There’s not much logic in Kirchner’s flames; continuing to post his rants seriously degrades your intellectual standing. Not worth arguing about his points, except to question why you promote them. All those religions are the same and deceptive, but HIS is genuine, hmmmm.”

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