36 Pro-Morsi Detainees Killed During Escape Attempt

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Egypt Violence

Image by Mohamed Azazy via Flickr

RussiaToday on Aug 19, 2013

Egypt’s government confirms its security forces have killed 36 Muslim Brotherhood supporters that attempted to escape during a prison transfer. Officials claimed the prisoners took an officer hostage, but suffocated when police used tear gas. The Muslim Brotherhood may end up listed as a terrorist organization under Egypt’s new constitution, according to reports. The draft is expected to be announced on Wednesday and may also include a ban on all religious political parties. And as RT’s Paula Slier now reports the violence in the country has left some families scarred for life.


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  2. And the West, lead by the US, continues to do it’s best to destroy Hamas – democratically elected. And so the same fate for Morsi…The West destroys those who dare not comply with the West’s orders by any means. And so many other democratically elected leaders have suffered the same fate…Iran, Chile, Brazil, Honduras, etc.

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