Eric Holt-Gimenez: Justice Begins With Seeds (#GMO #Monsanto)

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talkingsticktv on Aug 18, 2013

Talk by Eric Holt-Gimenez, Executive Director of Food First – Institute for Food and Development Policy given August 2, 2013 at the Justice Begins With Seeds 2013 International Conference at Seattle First Presbyterian Church in Seattle, WA.


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9 thoughts on “Eric Holt-Gimenez: Justice Begins With Seeds (#GMO #Monsanto)

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  7. Really important talk, absolutely the core issue for us all to face up to.

    The story from the Philippines is wracking. Just hearing this immediately brought tears of rage.

    In his first answer he refers to organic seed. Now we all know what this means and what organic food means, but really shouldn’t we be talking more about heritage seed (and rare breeds for that matter) & just call our organic victuals real food, uncontaminated food, food that is not forced, processed unnaturally, a product of cruelty or poisoned in any way?

    Yes ~ alliances and peasant rights alright, that is the business Bring it on. This must also mean international land rights, and surely the only practical way to think of our human right to land, is to curtail its theft by conniving greedy crooks ~ shouldn’t we be demanding our governments to halt the ever increasing enclosure of the global commons by criminal interests?

    Nobody & no organization should be allowed to own land unless they conform to the highest standards of stewardship, indigenous traditional respect, ecological conservation & compassionate husbandry.

    The present corporate collective is no different from Stalin at his worst & the soviet precedent was as bad if not worse than the belligerent barons who provoked the Magna Carta. So isn’t it high time we regained our wits and came to our global senses?

    If we’re stuck with the same old scams in the form of the precious untouchable & sanctified American “market,” why don’t we just dump that rubbish, recycle our opinions and get back to real work?

    My blood just boils when I think of the outrageous criminality of our prevalent default “free market” insanity, and the vulgar precocity of the privileged “executives” who act in our name as little more than hired assassins.

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