New Radiation Readings At #Fukushima Strong Enough To Kill A Human In Four Hours


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TheRevealingNews on Sep 1, 2013

September 01, 2013 BBC News / NHK News


Japanese Govt Admits Several Hundred Tons of Radioactive Water Leaking Into The Ocean Everyday (#Fukushima)

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Noam Chomsky: The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and the Future of Nuclear Power

Helen Caldicott: Chernobyl: The Biggest Cover-Up In The History of Medicine

For Sale, Habitable Planet, Too Late by Guy McPherson + Into Eternity: A Film for the Future (must-see)

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    • Indeed. We have never had such a wake up call as this. If I could afford one, the first purchase on my emergency supply list is a “Geiger” counter/radiation detector. I simply don’t trust any government to provide reliable monitoring and make it public.

      We dare not buy canned sockeye from Alaska now or even risk cat food from Pacific sources (like Thailand.) What the consequences will be ~ who can possibly imagine, when the Chernobyl effects are still allegedly covered up? Will the deep sea absorb these radionuclides? Fungi are supposed to be early warning accumulators. The Russians are said to have dumped decommissioned radioactive material from submarines into the Baltic. Clever chaps.

      Quite apart from any obvious hazards, “green” advocates of nuclear power never seem to notice or bother to draw attention to the horrendous environmental impacts of uranium mining, and the epidemic cancer rates among indigenous peoples. Ecocide is as ecocide does. The extraction/mining “industry” is the root of all our contemporary problems.

      Is there any other way to describe this legacy but murderous? Future generations if they survive, will remember our explosive age of methodical poisoning as the most doom-laden ever, human epoch.

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