Dennis Kucinich: What Happens Next? + Medea Benjamin: There are Alternatives to Helping the People of Syria

No war on Syria protest in San Francisco - August 29

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TheRealNews on Sep 5, 2013

Congressional debate over attack on Syria fails to question if Assad is culpable of the chemical attack and whether there are other options beyond bombing Syria or doing nothing. 




Take Action!


We the undersigned citizens of the United States of America hereby DIRECT Congress to vote AGAINST any attack on Syria. Your vote on Syria will have a defining impact on how we vote in the next election.

American military intervention in Syria is not in America’s national interest, nor in the interest of innocent civilians in Syria. However “limited”, the consequences of an attack on Syria could be catastrophic for America, the Middle East and the world.

Our concerns include:

1. The likelihood of wider war

2. The effect on our overstretched military and their families

3. US policies of interventionism which result in the US aiding violent groups that are fundamentally opposed to America

4. The effect of another war on the federal deficit, the budget, and the economy

WE PLEDGE that this single vote will help determine our support for, or opposition to, any candidate in future elections regardless of party affiliation. This is a defining moment.



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7 thoughts on “Dennis Kucinich: What Happens Next? + Medea Benjamin: There are Alternatives to Helping the People of Syria

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  6. It’s all unraveling.

    Intelligence (real intelligence) will prevail. What emerges from this crisis will change the global status quo permanently. We are weary of the lies of the war junta, but there is a “greater jihad.” It falls to each of us to take responsibility for our own existence and make no secret of it. Nobody has a monopoly on truth.

    As Slavoj Žižek wrote in the Guardian earlier this week ~

    ……What makes the all-encompassing control of our lives so dangerous is not that we lose our privacy, that all our intimate secrets are exposed to Big Brother. There is no state agency able to exert such control – not because they don’t know enough, but because they know too much. The sheer size of data is too large, and in spite of all intricate programs for detecting suspicious messages, computers that register billions of data are too stupid to interpret and evaluate them properly……

    ……This is why whistleblowers play a crucial role in keeping the “public reason” alive. Assange, Manning, Snowden, these are our new heroes, exemplary cases of the new ethics that befits our era of digitalised control. They are no longer just whistleblowers who denounce the illegal practices of private companies to the public authorities; they denounce these public authorities themselves when they engage in “private use of reason”.

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