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Bethlehem Stained Glass

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[Each part is ~26 minutes long.]

Day of Discovery

Jimmy DeYoung and Mart De Haan will be joined by several noted Bible scholars. Together they’ll explore questions skeptics often ask about Jesus. His friends said He walked on water. His critics said He was an imposter. Is there historical evidence to prove His claim to be God’s Son or was he just a man, or a fictitious character made up by a group of religious fanatics?

Combining the insights of Biblical authorities with visits to places Jesus lived and walked, we’ll give you some convincing arguments that will strengthen your faith and help you respond to the skeptics and seekers you encounter.

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The Evidence for the Existence of Jesus

N. T. Wright: Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead? (2007)

The Dawning: Christianity in the Roman Empire

13 thoughts on “Search For The Real Jesus

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  2. For me allegorical, the later writers on Jesus, had to put over a larger than life exaggerated existence, possible to serve the high priests interpretation, to gain wealth and status, as a condition that has been so throughout the ages.

    • don , are you refering to the lenth between Mark’s and Thomas Gospel ( around 70 A.D. ) to John’s that came much later and only made it in by one vote ?

      actually , from a literary view , Mark and Thomas were basic stripped down stuff . But ther larger than life stuff is there , it is just done very subtle in style . i am embarressed to say that it took me years to see that. Mark is considered the Wallflower gossple who does not reveal her secrets so easily . one must dig . when one does , it is knock out !!!

      see my article on this blog about the gospel of Mark verses the Imperial mindset .

      • I am referring broadly as a political interpretation as a possibility, rather than scholastic interpretation, the reference to Thomas gospel, I presume you mean the discovery, circa 1945 ?, or so, I had read all the heretical gospels at this time of 1972, this would be one of them, the date as to origin you possible know is not defined.
        I refer to the priesthood as a corrupt organization, I am not talking about Mark or Thomas, furthermore I would say the priesthood today has become a big industry, such as psychotherapy, the money paid for services, are what is now yesterdays priesthood, including figures such as Freud, who was smart to devise his scheme, and confessionals within closed doors.
        Today their is a huge industry on aspects of the modern range of priest hood products, you can purchase.

        • ok . now i understand what you are refering too. It is interesting to note that Frued was exploiting people too, as Adler shoed by getting the source of the patients problem much quicker. He said that Frued was milking his patients with longer and longer visits.

          yes . the discovery of Thomas in the 20th century . Koester in his genuis but hard to read work ”Ancient Christian Gospels ” does the best at cross referencing all of the non canonicals with the canonicals .

          the general consensus is that Mark and Thomas appeared on the scene around the time of the destruction of the Temple. Most as you know derived from the Q sayings.

  3. The trek to find the Real Jesus

    Looking into parts of history is not the way. Reading what some scholars have said again is a dead end.

    Jesus proved he was KING of the World order. That said HE laid out the plan for ordinary man to find HIM in the spirit world where HE resides today.

    That is the trek for those who seek to know the KING.

    • Thanks, Dwight, however, I know you didn’t watch any of these 3 videos because I just posted it and each are almost a half hour long.

      Please WATCH the videos before commenting.

      Each person is going to delve into this issue in a different manner. For some, knowing that indeed Jesus existed in History is one of the ways. There are still people who deny the Historical Jesus. This post is for them.

      • Those who deny the historical Jesus have to step over Tacitus , Voltare , and Gibbon ..all non believers and experts on that period of history that confirm his existence. it is not does he exists , but who is this guy ?

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