You Can Stop the #TPP: Say NO to Fast Track

Celebrating a Successful Banner Drop

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Dandelion Salad

breakingtheset on Oct 3, 2013

Abby Martin speaks with Margaret Flowers, Organizer for Popular Resistance about why fast tracking the TPP is so dangerous to the democratic process, and why everyone should care about this “free trade deal”.


TPP Protesters Drop Banner from Trade Building to Bring Attention to Secretive Deal

TheRealNews on Sep 29, 2013

Kevin Zeese: The Trans-Pacific Partnership has nothing to do with trade or freedom, and ongoing demonstrations could encourage those on the inside to speak up


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The Trans-Pacific Partnership: We Won’t Be Fooled by Rigged Corporate Trade Agreements by Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese


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Joint Statement by the United States of America, Republic of Estonia, Republic of Latvia, and Republic of Lithuania + Fact Sheets + Action Alert (#TPP #TTIP)

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12 thoughts on “You Can Stop the #TPP: Say NO to Fast Track

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  3. I have an idea for the most simple and effective way for humanity to defeat the 1%. Can someone contact me with an address or an email to send it to?

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  6. Tear up the script, rewrite reality, fire the hacks. Death to corporate tyranny!! Take control of the markets ~ the real markets!

    Margaret Flowers is great. Kevin Zeese ~ right on.

    The oligopolic hierarchy is a neural mess ~ a fog of obscure money-besotted irrelevance.

    Trans-pacific? Would that be the same free-trade zone that includes an irradiated ocean?

    They should all take a bath.

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