Harvey Wasserman on the Ongoing Nuclear Disaster at Fukushima

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IAEA Experts at Fukushima (02813336)

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eon3 on Oct 4, 2013

Journalist, author, activist and historian Harvey Wasserman has been reporting on, and participating in, the nuclear free movement for decades. In that time, by his judgment, only one other event matches the danger to the world posed by the Cuban Missile Crisis. That event is the ongoing nuclear disaster at Fukushima.

Haven’t heard about it in the corporate media? That’s because the deadly and dying global nuclear industry and its allies don’t want you to know.

That’s why he has organized a petition drive to the UN advocating international expert oversight of, and participation in, management of the Fukushima crisis.

In this interview, he explains why we must all be involved in this world-historical challenge to human and planetary survival. Sign the petition here: http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/the-world-community-must



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  6. Why not mention Canada too? Forget the name, but just recently some 88-year old fart is claiming that dangers from radiation are just myths. The much greater danger lies in too many people still favoring nuclear development. Homo Sapiens…Homo Stupidus…Homo Extinctus.

  7. If the TPP means “business,” the big guns should look no further ~ time to walk some talk honchos.

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