Colin Cavell: Bahrain opposition party reports 1900 cases of mistreatment of activists in September

Bahrain pro-democracy demo in the capital Manama

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PressTV on Oct 9, 2013

Bahrain’s main opposition party, al-Wefaq, says the regime’s harsh crackdown on pro-democracy activists has intensified over the past month, with the highest levels of violence since the uprising began in 2011. In a report, al-Wefaq has documented nineteen hundred cases of human rights violations only in the month of September 2013, including incidents in which regime forces used excessive force or torture.

According to the report, last month 214 anti-regime protesters were arrested, including two women and 40 children — the highest number since the uprising began. The al-Wefaq report also said that 111 activists — who were convicted by a Bahraini court and given sentences of up to 15 years — were tried based on fabricated charges.


The Debate – Bahrain crackdown

PressTV on Oct 5, 2013

In Bahrain, a series of recent court rulings has sentenced over 90 activists to 15 years or more in jail: Suspects charged with attacks and alleged plots to topple the regime, which is home to the US Navy’s 5th Fleet. Some were alleged to have been tortured, a situation in which Amnesty International has described as appalling. Meanwhile, US President Obama at the UNGA angered the regime by referring to the popular uprising as a sectarian one.

In this debate we’ll discuss where this revolution is headed, and whether the increase in the number of jail terms means the regime has no intent on negotiations.


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  6. How fast the great powers can fall, Britain’s petty home grown bedroom tax, and traffic of arms and military, to the corrupt government of Bahrain, birds of a feather, truly sad to see a country that was considered as Great, within living memory, sink so low as to become that of a depraved and sinister Country, that has no other direction , other than align itself to the super rich, which riches on the whole comes from the proceeds of crime.

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