American Exceptionalism: Monopoly on Democracy?

American Exceptionalism Exceptions

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Featuring Chris Hedges and Gareth Porter.

RT on Oct 14, 2013

What is American exceptionalism? Where does the US’s world monopoly on democracy come from? How does the US give itself license to do as it pleases? “Exceptionalism” is a film by RT correspondent Anissa Naouai.


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11 thoughts on “American Exceptionalism: Monopoly on Democracy?

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  7. Some Pentagon official or general is supposed to have once said: ‘if we don’t have an enemy, we invent one’. And the US still doesn’t get it why it is so hated around the world.

  8. ‘Monopoly on democracy’??? Democracy where??? Just because voting is allowed (and not even all) democracy doesn’t make. ‘We, the people’ has been usurped by ‘we, the corporations’ a very long time ago. Fascism…no more, no less.

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