Frackdown Day: Worldwide protest to end shale gas extraction + Romania villagers resist US energy giant Chevron

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RT on Oct 19, 2013

Global Frackdown Day is on – Saturday marks a worldwide protest, uniting all activists who want to put an end to shale gas extraction. ‘Fracktivists’, as they’re called, are urging their governments to stand up to the oil and gas lobby. However, in Britain the authorities see things very differently… Prime Minister has become a vigorous advocate of the risky technique, as Laura Smith reports. So why exactly are environmentalists so concerned about this particular form of oil and gas extraction? For more on this RT is joined by Vanessa Vine – she’s an anti-fracking campaigner for Britain and Ireland Frack Free group


Fight against Fracking: Romania villagers resist US energy giant Chevron

RT on Oct 19, 2013

Anti-fracking protesters from all over Romania have been galvanized US energy giant Chevron’s plan to start drilling outside the village of Pungetsi. While the energy firm has Bucharest’s blessing, people have come together to take a stand against the potential health and environmental risks of hydraulic fracturing in the region.


‘Fracking like oil & gas development on steroids, too risky to continue’

RT on Oct 19, 2013

Saturday is Global Frackdown Day – an international protest uniting activists worldwide, demanding a ban on shale gas drilling. ‘Fracktivists’, as they’re known, want their authorities to hear the truth about the risks of the technology. Demonstrations in Canada turned violent on Thursday with police using pepper spray and plastic bullets while trying to remove a blockade. 40 protesters were arrested, some of them threw molotov cocktails and set several police cars on fire. For more perspective on fracking practice RT is joined by environmental activist Rose Braz. READ MORE


Canadian Police Use Military Tactics to Disperse Indigenous Anti-Fracking Blockade

TheRealNews on Oct 19, 2013

New Brunswick Mounted Police deploy rubber bullets and tear gas, arrest 40 protesters for blockading highway.


Updated Oct. 20, 2013

Showdown at Highway 134

Watch the video via The Stimulator/SubmediaTV


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  9. Government and corporations are the BIGGEST MAFIA ever known on this earth! they will stop at NOTHING just to make a BUCK! even if it means to kill us all!

    • Thanks Lo, excellent report from the Stimulator, the website link from the video is

      I lived in Eastern Canada & over many years learned a great deal from Mi’Kmaq and Acadian peoples, in many respects that fusion of cultures constitutes one of the most settled, spirited and accommodating social environments in all of Canada.

      I strongly support their right to determine the way their native land is respected and honoured.

  10. Darn pesky injuns again! always making trouble, ha!! ~ you want the truth folks? Listen to Aaron Huey on the legacy of Pine Ridge and the institutional genocide that is the true foundation of the vaunted miracle of “New World’s” abundant resources & also heed the epochal 2003 Wade Davis talk about indigenous diversity& cultural pluralism, plus another incredible 6 TED talks in this compilation here

    ~ this is truly life shifting, compelling stuff.

    Criminal hoodlum operations like Chevron’s… (witness the ongoing legal situation and toxic disruption in Ecuador)… should stay home with the Texas cartel clique and go frack each other in their precious Petroleum Club, located on the 43rd floor of the ExxonMobil building in Houston, where the crony gumshoe dinosaurs all hang out.

    Greedy bastards with all the power in the world to deploy civil police-forces as mercenary agencies, are not setting the kind of example we want to witness, admire, respect and emulate.

    Romania is one of the most devastated societies in eastern Europe, so maybe for once they can seize the initiative and kick the predatory butts of these cloth-eared corporate parasites ~ but good…

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