#TPP: Back-room Deal for the 1%

TPP Leesburg Rally

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Joe Friendly on Oct 25, 2013

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): A Back-room Deal for the 1%, NAFTA on Steroids, Corporate world takeover replacing national sovereignty being negotiated in secret by the Obama administration who is seeking Fast Track passage in Congress to prevent open discussion of what a disaster it will mean for the 99%!!!

Speakers: Arthur Stamoulis, Executive Director, Citizens’ Trade Campaign; Celeste Drake, AFL-CIO Trade and Globalization Specialist; and Kian Frederick, New York State Director of Citizens Trade Campaign. Morning breakfast forum at the Murphy labor institute October 25, 2013. Camera, edit: Joe Friendly


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13 thoughts on “#TPP: Back-room Deal for the 1%

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  7. NAFTA promised jobs. And Mexico got US subsidized corporate GMO corn which drove Mexican small farmers off their land. Now TPP is promising trade and jobs and the Pacific coast countries will get an end to environmental laws that interfere with corporate profits, i.e., ALL laws that protect the planet.

  8. Can’t believe how naive I’ve been. Always having the belief, that a President is there to stand up for the rights of ALL citizens, not just those who can afford to ‘pay under the table’. And the media is just as guilty for keeping this under wraps.

  9. The 1%, have to rely on police, military and bureaucratic cooperation and obedience, to stay in power, what these outsiders, I have listed, and a few others such as medical, is they are not part of the 1%, the extraordinary ability of the elite is, they are able to manipulate the essential services to serve this elite as similar to the dog owner who whistles to the dog and the dog is only to happy to become compliant to the wishes of the master.

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