Superstorm Sandy — One Year Later + A Co-op Story: People’s Construction in Rockaway

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Occupy Sandy

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democracynow on Oct 29, 2013 – Today marks the first anniversary of Superstorm Sandy hitting the New York region, becoming one of the most destructive storms in the nation’s history. On October 29, 2012, the hurricane blasted New York City with a record storm surge as high as 13 feet, as well as the Jersey Shore and New England, ultimately killing 159 people along the East Coast and damaging more than 650,000 homes. The storm caused $70 billion in damage across eight states. Millions were left without power in the New York region, some for weeks. We are joined by two women who have played key roles in the region’s recovery: Terri Bennett, a founder of Respond and Rebuild, one of the first groups to help low-income residents of the Rockaways rebuild after Superstorm Sandy, and also focused on providing free mold remediation that eventually inspired the city’s similar program; and Jessica Roff, a founder of Restore the Rock, a nonprofit created by Sandy volunteers who met while working out of a space in the Rockaways called YANA, or You Are Never Alone, where they operated a free health clinic, legal clinic and trained and dispatched hundreds of volunteers.


Stranded by Sandy: A Year After Hurricane, 22,000 Households Remain Displaced in New York Region

democracynow on Oct 29, 2013 – One year after Superstorm Sandy, many of those impacted by the storm remain without a permanent home and dependent on diminishing relief funds. New York Magazine reports at least 22,000 households are still displaced. We are joined by two guests: Shawn Little, a healthcare worker who has been living in hotels with her family since Sandy devastated their neighborhood in the Rockaways section of Queens; and Judith Goldiner, attorney in charge of the Civil Law Reform Unit at The Legal Aid Society.


A Co-op Story: People’s Construction in Rockaway

lauraflanders on Oct 29, 2013

Watch GRITtv at This week, 12 months after hurricane Sandy, GRITtv looks at thwarting land grabs and rebuilding with community members in the hard-hit area of The Rockaways. Distributed by

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  5. That is what has always impressed me about America: always willing to help…people around the world but not their own fellow citizens. It is ‘sink or swim – you are on your own’. Cold blooded!

    • Hmm, Vera, did you watch the videos? Occupy Sandy was all about local people helping in their own communities. The last video is quite inspiring about the local people starting co-ops that indeed help their community.

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