Chris Hedges: Black Bloc Tactics and Civil Disobedience

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Lauren Steiner on Oct 26, 2013

After his lecture for a Truthdig fundraiser in Santa Monica on 10/13/13, I had a chance to ask Chris Hedges a few questions about his contention that ideas can only be learned through books, the falling out with Occupy over his comments on the black bloc, and what’s the plan after civil disobedience.


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3 thoughts on “Chris Hedges: Black Bloc Tactics and Civil Disobedience

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  3. Very good. Some key points raised here in a limited context. The 5% figure resonates well. I really believe it is a question of literacy and courage, as well. The thing is to be oneself, whatever it takes ~ to be true to one’s highest principles, and never be deterred nor intimidated by brute force and money glamour.

    My deepest conviction is that the abiding and enduring Spirit of American indigenous integrity will re-emerge, and prevail just as Black Elk foresaw. The Golden Eagle should be restored, protected and revered, because the bald eagle of US heraldry is virtually meaningless, and is only deployed as a two-dimensional cliched icon of corrupted totemic power.

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