Ralph Nader: Why Shake ’em Up Harvard Law School?

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with Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader after the speech - Green Lecture

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ShakeEmUp HLS on Oct 30, 2013

In this groundbreaking conference, Ralph Nader moderates conversations with twelve leading scholars, practitioners, and advocates about transforming America’s broken legal system. Speakers from former Attorney General Ramsey Clark to the founder of the National Legal Services program Edgar Cahn will explore topics ranging from corporate capture of government and the courts, mass incarceration, campaign finance reform, access to justice, and the excesses of executive power.


Ralph Nader – Keynote: Why Shake ’em Up HLS?

Edgar Cahn – Legal Education: Unasked questions, unwelcome answers. Where next?

Michael Rustad – Tort Law under Siege: How the Courts, Legislatures and Even Some Harvard Academics are Undermining Our Civil Justice System.

Karen Ferguson – Combating Retirement Insecurity: What Has Been Done, What Needs to Be Done

David Cay Johnston – Teaching Tax: Morality and Consequences

Bruce Fein – One-Branch Tyranny: Lawyers, Law Professors, and Law Students Fiddle While the Constitution is Vandalized

Ramsey Clark – Law and War: Can Law Be Relevant to the Human Threat to Its Own Existence?

Shelly Krimsky – FACING UP TO IT: Science Without Law is Immoral and Law Without Science is Blindsighted

Betsy Cavendish – A Theory of Change

Bruce Western – Reform, Redemption, and Mass Incarceration

Arthur Miller – Are They Closing the Courthouse Doors?

Tom Devine – The War on Whistleblowers and Government Accountability

Jeffrey Clements – Aggressively and With Determination: The Corporate Capture of the Constitution & the Courts


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