Richard D. Wolff, Marc Armstrong, Omar Freilla and Alexis Goldstein: It’s Our Money: Making The Economy Work For Us + Q&A

Capitalism Isn't Working

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Joe Friendly on Nov 6, 2013

A forum about our economic system’s need for change with Richard D. Wolff, Marc Armstrong, Omar Freilla, and Alexis Goldstein, moderated by J.A. Myerson at All Souls Unitarian Church in NYC October 29, 2013, presented by Big Apple Coffee Party and The Peace and Justice Task Force of All Souls.

Videography by Joe Friendly

Richard D. Wolff is Professor of Economics Emeritus U. Mass, Amherst and Visiting Professor at The New School. Marc Armstrong is Executive Director, Public Banking Institute. Omar Freilla is Founder and Coordinator, Green Worker Cooperatives. Alexis Goldstein is an Organizer, the Other 98%. J.A. Myerson is an Independent journalist, activist, and author.



Joe Friendly on Nov 6, 2013


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