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Christian Aid's Poverty can be eradicated poster

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globaldocumentary on Nov 7, 2013

“‘Connected’ is a film made by Paul and Kate Maple, a UK based family who have made it their lives for the last 4 years. Worried about the future and the seemingly insurmountable mountain of problems in the world, Paul and Kate decided to ditch their busy lives and start working out if there was any way they could help create positive social change…”


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5 thoughts on “Connected – A Film for Change

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  4. We can benefit from more independent films like this, especially if they go into greater depth, and multiply the possible narratives exponentially. (Sorry Lo, on a bit of a roll today…)

    Any political economist who advocates infinite “growth” is not a gardener, that’s for sure…the only way to be coherently holistic is to respect & cultivate diversity, by understanding unique difference.

    So vain attempts to amalgamate humanity into a great conformist blob is doomed to fail.

    “We” are the majority, that’s a no-brainer; but we should resist with all our might, any imposed “solutions” that attempt to collectivize individual will ~ in that respect, the Birchers got it right. Herding humanity will always be just another variation of the perennial tyrannical impulse to control people.

    Swarm reductionism (even in the name of “liberation”) is a world apart from spiritual self-determination. We ~ our countless “I’s” ~ are definitely more than the sum of any parts,and the greater whole will always comprise the infinity of those individual microcosms. Life is complex, entangled and various.

    As above so below is the classic Hermetic axiom.

    Nobody is entitled to tell you what to think or feel, we must figure it out for ourselves ~ experience truth for yourself! We can and should help each other, but never subjugate individual responsibility by deferring to some “enlightened” authority, however apparently “divine.” That is my own, personal dogma.

    Beware people! We are at the cusp of real change, a dangerous time, but a time of brilliant possibilities, a time of real growth ~ way beyond “GDP.” Bhutan’s gross national happiness index is indeed a far fairer measure.

    Opportunistic “spiritual” charlatans are lurking everywhere in the wings though, make no mistake. “New age” escamotage has already made small fortunes. Mercury the Trickster is ever agile.

    So be your own director by all means possible; make your own script, give yourself a leading role in your own narrative.

    The deep reality is what we instinctively experience as directly true, and that always changes as we change.

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