A New Identity: The Gospel of Matthew

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[Each part is 26 minutes long.]

Day of Discovery

“Listening to the voice of Matthew” (Chapters 1-4). Bringing to life the pages of the gospel of Matthew, host Michael Card guides us through the city of Capernaum and northern region of Israel, along the shorelines of the Sea of Galilee,
and finally to Jerusalem.

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Host Michael Card brings Matthew chapters 5-8 to life. Offering a clear and thoughtful presentation, Card takes us on an insightful journey through Scripture that reveals Jesus as the promised Messiah to the Jewish people and the Savior of the world to the Gentiles.

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Host Michael Card explores Matthew chapters 9-13. Join us as we uncover the identity of Jesus, see how His disciples found a new identity for themselves, and find out what that means about our own identity in the One who promised to always be with us.

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Michael Card teaches on Matthew chapters 14-19. This program not only uncovers the identity of Jesus, but also helps us find greater meaning as followers of Christ. Travel to Capernaum and the northern region of Israel, along the shorelines of the Sea of Galilee, and finally to Jerusalem.

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Host Michael Card teaches on Matthew chapters 21-28. On an insightful journey through Scripture, Michael Card offers a clear and thoughtful presentation that reveals Jesus as the promised Messiah and Savior of the world. Join us as we examine the disciples’ discovery of a new identity in Jesus.

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12 thoughts on “A New Identity: The Gospel of Matthew

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  4. In essence if Jesus was the “Son of God” the history of the past 2000 thousand years is what can only be seen as a tragedy, it is difficult to know had He not been on the stage of human endeavor what the outcome could have been had He not claimed this position.

    I believe many Jews are still awaiting the true Messiah, I understand they required someone to lift them out of bondage, as a person of violence, or a blood hungry individual that would give the Jews some sort of homeland, the Jews have now got a homeland and I believe the atomic bomb and a militaristic strength that the neighbors would be reluctant to cross paths with, yet after all this power and ability of having the Super powers backing them, I have not heard of the Messiah, arrival? surely the Jews must now have some security in knowing that they are safe from any threat of a substantial nature.

    As the Jews know, in the main they are loved throughout the World, other than one or two groups that have a differing view to the main stream of opinion, you always get a few that will not go along with the general consensus.

    Is it not time for the Jews to publicly acknowledge, that after 2000 years, awaiting for the return of Gods Son, and taking into account they have now got their own land and are daily expanding their freehold land acquisition with impunity, they no longer require the return of the Messiah, and rather than having this apprehension of waiting and thinking is this Jewish baby the One? admit it was a great story, and get on with cutting down the olive trees and building apartments that is of far more use to the expanding Jewish population.

    • Why cut down the olive trees?!! What lunacy is that? Sacrilegious stupidity “beyond belief.”.

      Of course, it doesn’t take a whole lot of Syrian rue to grasp the notion that for countless millions, the authentic final Abrahamic messiah was the Prophet of Islam, whose real mission was in fact to redress the tyranny of contrived Roman “religion.”

      Only, the world has turned full circle now, and we no longer need to believe in the literal death of the Sun nor in the sanctified eschatological benefits of sacrifice to make our crops grow. So why on Earth perpetuate such illusions? If one passionately reveres a crucified saviour, fine. However, such authentic devotion must be internalized not politicized.

      Hundreds of years hence such notions as literal altruistic sacrifice may seem primitive to our descendants ~ should humanity even survive this sixth extinction. It could be the dawn of a new, truly universal age of biocosmic co-creation, if fixed ideas about death and resurrection begin to wither on the vine.

      For heaven’s sake, there are billions of galaxies! Think of the probable implications of such limitless fields of consciousness….& people are still fretting about a Levantine souk called Jerusalem!

      • David , internalized not politicized ..yes ! however the final manifestation of all of this will be global and visible or the Prophets and the Apostle Paul missed the boat.

        another thing –have you ever read ”The Red Book ” by Carl Jung ? he is all over the need for a sacrifice from God for us , and he explains why we fear it . He gets very specific about our struggle with Christ in this regard.

        • David , one more thing –billions of galaxies .. nice , but still quantitative . now , if one is to consider INTENTIONALITY behind those galaxies, then we have a horse of a different color . and if the intent in the one who created them became human and delivered the Sermon on the Mount , as in the those amazing 3 chapters in the gospel of Matthew , then we have something that ..well… to use your words —”limitless fields of consciousness”.

          that Sermon ignited those that Jung called ”the Blessed Galaleans” …..and became the Archemedian point for this consciousness game changer.

        • Thanks Rocket, I anticipated this response from you. I hope Don didn’t think I was having a go at him! If so apologies DW…only the olive business really distresses me. It is so heavy-handed and vindictive to destroy something that has been loved and cultivated reverently for generations. It is extreme vandalism and an abuse of common heritage. Cruel beyond belief indeed, like enforced sterilization…

          I am aware of the Red Book but it is expensive to get hold of. As you know, sacrifice is not my thing, unless psychologized Hermetically, as a mystical science of the metamorphosis/transmutation of ego, the golden goal of pure alchemy. I know Jung wrote about this in some depth.

          Re the cosmos as we “read it” today…I would suggest there must be “local” holistic effects, as for example when a holy person indwells a place, their presence imbues a quality. I’m interested in Sheldrake’s ideas about morphogenesis, and fields (of consciousness/mind.)

          As for intention, I’m totally with you. Only how to infer what this might possibly mean on an Angelic scale is probably sheer hubris or naive precocity, although nonetheless it may inspire profound depths of speculation, and provide ample food for mature, imaginal contemplation.

          If I have gained anything from studying the “occult” most of my life, (as Jung did of course,) it is to grasp the idea of communication as a sacred and divine process, a great art ~ the root and branch of authentic (symbolic) theurgical praxis, in fact.

          It’s a very Jewish thing to converse with God, even argue with God; but I am also persuaded of the wisdom and beauty of devotional rites (that Hindus call Bhakti Yoga,) gestures “intended” to confer a sense of spiritual identity, relationship and pure purpose. By its very nature, that suggests something deeply intimate and personal…

        • I was uncertain as to your commentary David on my quote of the olive trees being cut down, that are hundreds if not more than a thousand years old, as I understand these olive trees have been in cultivation of Palestinian families for centuries, as the Jews are expanding their territory into what was Palestinian cultivated land such as the olive trees mentioned being cut down for apartments for Jewish settlement, it is this creepy situation of outrageous theft I refer to.
          The fact that Israel, having the resources of the great militaristic powers behind them can and will by force commit these atrocities arguable supports some of the fears Hitler had regarding this group and their relationship to power, although I am not a supporter of the Hitler regime, as I would say enochered is, nevertheless, we must take in to account the Balfour Treaty and its implications and also the Germany’s fear of British colonization in relationship to its colonies or land acquisitions, and the varied aspects of Lawrence, and the politics of becoming a insider in terms of trust, with the Arabs, in military assertion of the Palestinian land in the battles with the Ottoman Empire, and the eventual betrayal of the Arabs with Lawrence.
          Whether Lawrence, also having a sexual propensity that had a outlet with minors, as a added bonus, I will leave you with your own imaginations, as to his condition, having seen the movie “Lawrence of Arabia” certainly appeared that way, having not myself gone through the British Public School system, as Lawrence certainly did, leaves many with a taste that creates food for the imagination and I would say statistical evidence that seems apparent.
          However this is not a critique of higher education as opposed to lower, it is of significance that although the past is the past, the ramifications of past scars are not entirely eradicated by cosmetic surgery, as I am still unable to walk as being crippled as a result of my Father accidentally treading on part of my brain.

    • don , Quantitative propositions of expansion ( via olive trees and apt complexes ) are all fine and well , but do not even compare to the Qualitative proposition of the Messianic Judaism of Jesus that seeks to change the human heart. When the Jews finally realize that the Kingdom of Heaven is available to be ”within them ” by a new re-birth spiritually , then and only then will the Messiah return .

      Every day… more and more Jews are getting this revelation . When it becomes a collective unveiling and they all believe, then the end of this world has finally come . The Hebrew Prophets have declared this . The Prophets also spoke of an initial rejection of the Messiah before there is a big Yes from the Jews. Everything is right on schedule . Hold tight buddy !

      • Rocketkirchener, thank you for your formidable insight, your commentary seems to illuminate the puzzle of the return of Christ, and the “Kingdom is Within You” the within is difficult to comprehend for most and myself, nevertheless this seems to be the answer. Thanks again.

    • Thanks for that clarification dw, I wasn’t sure what you meant, but suspected you were exposing the true awfulness of this disturbed & deeply disturbing fanaticism, in an ironic sense.

      Your life experience sounds quite extraordinary, did you ever consider making an autobiography? I remember the effect Christy Brown’s amazing story “My Left Foot” had on me when I first read it ~ having lived rough in Dublin for a while in the early seventies, getting to know the “down ‘n outs” around the quays, who relied on hostels for shelter and nourishment.

      In those days the Magdalene Asylum laundries were thriving and the so-called Sisters of Mercy (& Charity) were like the witches from Macbeth whose power was absolute and unchallenged, only subordinate to the male clerical mafia who enjoyed unfettered privilege and luxury, limos, cigars and all the best they were offered everywhere they felt empowered to strutted their diabolical arrogance; whilst Irish society in the Republic was still in locked-down gender apartheid.

      The world is indeed an “armed madhouse” as Greg Palast dubbed it, only I’m not too sure what authentic sanity would be like or whether it really exists anywhere… yet.

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