Chris Hedges: Jeremy Hammond Leaked Criminal Activity by the Government and Corporations

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with Chris Hedges

TheRealNews on Nov 18, 2013

Chicago activist to spend a decade behind bars for exposing corporate espionage.


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5 thoughts on “Chris Hedges: Jeremy Hammond Leaked Criminal Activity by the Government and Corporations

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  5. What can we say to even begin to address the contemptible villainy of this travesty?

    How dare public officials any longer attempt to define what constitutes a crime; when “their” very patron, their precious establishment, is the exemplar par excellence, of filthy malpractice that is literally propelled by outright corruption and malfeasance.

    They stink, it stinks, the whole rotten pile is suppurating with the pervasive reek of deceit and decay.

    Typhoon “Yolanda’s” bigger sister should pay all these bunkered elite crooks a personal punitive visit, to alert them to what reality is actually all about.

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