COP 19: Activists Demanding Climate Justice

COP19 Climate March

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democracynow on Nov 18, 2013

We are broadcasting all week from Warsaw, Poland, where the U.N. climate summit, known as COP 19, has just entered its second week. On Saturday, thousands of protesters marched in Warsaw calling for climate justice, culminating in a rally outside the National Stadium where the climate summit is being held. Speakers from all over the world addressed the crowd, urging world leaders to take action on global warming, including climate activists from the Philippine Movement for Climate Justice, the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance, and organizers of a chartered train that brought more than 700 people from Belgium, Britain and France to join the demonstration. Polish activists also spoke, including residents of the village of Zurawlow, where resistance to fracking is growing despite massive shale gas concessions.


After Typhoon Haiyan’s Devastation, Filipino Calls for Climate Action Take On New Urgency

democracynow on Nov 18, 2013 – Ten days after Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines, the United Nations says some four million people have been displaced, up from 900,000 last week. The toll of the dead or missing stands at around 5,000. The massive typhoon has cast a dark cloud over the U.N. climate summit in Poland, with Filipinos and other climate change activists from around the world demanding concrete action on global warming. We’re joined by Gerry Arances, national coordinator of the Philippine Movement for Climate Justice.


From Afghanistan, Free the Arctic 30!

Our Journey To Smile on Nov 18, 2013

From Afghanistan, Free the Arctic 30!
NASA photos show that the Arctic Ice Cap is diminishing!
This is the earth. The Arctic North Pole had that much of an ice cap in 1980.
By 2012, the Arctic ice cap had diminished by 50%
30 Greenpeace activists ( trying to stop an Arctic Gazprom Oil Rig from drilling ) were imprisoned by the Russian authorities.
We do not want our use of oil to cause further global warming
If the earth gets warmer, humanity will not survive.
To the 30 people in prison,” We are with you!”
We ask governments and oil companies to free our 30 friends!
Free the Arctic 30!


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  3. High time to demand that the Tobin Tax be instituted. These monies to be used for helping poor/developing nations and now, more than even, this help is urgently needed. It isn’t so much fossil fuels that pose danger, it is the corporations seeking more and larger financial profits with no regard to consequences. Instead of always REACTING, we must start PROACTING.

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