Chris Hedges: The Role of Art in Rebellion

" Résistance ... Resistance .... Muse "

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Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges

truthdig on Nov 27, 2013

After a talk on the collapse of complex societies, Truthdig columnist Chris Hedges answers an audience question: “Will it take [literature, music and art] to waken us to the empathy of other suffering or hardship?”


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12 thoughts on “Chris Hedges: The Role of Art in Rebellion

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  4. Bottom line –Art is a threat ! just like philosophy . everything is in danger when a real artist appears they cant be bought or sold . that is why art for art’s sake is enough. it is the thing in and of itself that will change things .

  5. Very interesting responses.

    I would add that art, especially great art is about truth ~ is actually synonymous with truth, when it genuinely embodies the sovereignty of a mature consciousness that expresses the spiritual integrity of the creative soul.

    You pays the piper, as the saying goes…but no true artist should ever dance to another’s tune ~ in fact, traditional African dance is said to literally call the tune; with the musicians led by the gesture and movement, not the other way round.

    During the cold war the CIA thought it was clever to incite and appropriate “culture” as a weapon; so now, their beneficiaries ~ the corporate savages ~ have degraded it into a base and vulgar commodity, just like everything else that is ruined and corrupted by the gods of commerce and ideology.

    The purest, most potent force for evolutionary change, for spiritual development & genuine enlightenment, in my opinion, is poetry…whatever that may mean.

  6. Where are the “top” (most commercially successful) artists in all this? Presumably they’re already made all the money they could spend in a dozen lifetimes, so what are they afraid of? Have they all swallowed the 1% Kool-aid? Kudos to Ed Asner, Matt Damon, and perhaps a few others with the courage to speak truth to power.

  7. There is a reason why our government does not support the arts. There is no money for theatre because theatre is about community and opening up your mind and heart to the truth. Corporate forces must suppress art except for big spectacles and mindless TV shows or movies. Because when you know the truth you can no longer sit idly by and watch your own destruction.

    • Thanks, Jill. I’ll add that there is no support for any of the creative fields, such as photography, dance, writing, art, music, etc. in our capitalist society. Many of these talented people are working jobs that they despise.

    • I’m a singer, songwriter, musician, and performer… We call the US a “*pay* to *play*” country… We can’t even *make* enough to cover the expense of our travel, room, & board… much less make enough money to actually funnel it back into our product – the *music* – but our songs are powerful and address these very issues – and we will be heard… even if we have to shout it from the mountaintops…

      • Wind , i have been a professional singer songwriter performer guitarist most of my life. you can do it . just dont do what everyone else does . play on the streets if you have to.

        hang in there . it takes a lot of work , but it can be done without compromise . i am proof positive of that fact. eat at soup kitchens . do what you gotta do …but the world needs your music . dont let the naysayers tell you differently ! they are bullies.

    • Jill , as a life long professional musician , i can tell you that taking any money from the government , any government is a big mistake . there are strings attached . the artist has a responsibility to the art . to no compromise . no matter what !

      no government grants , no corporate money . the artist of any kind just has to do it . period .

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