Seymour Hersh: Obama “Cherry Picked” Intel on Syrian Chemical Attack to Justify U.S. Strike


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democracynow on Dec 9, 2013

democracynow – Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh joins us to discuss his new article casting doubt on the veracity of the Obama administration’s claims that only the Assad regime could have carried out the chemical attacks in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta earlier this year. Writing in the London Review of Books, Hersh argues that the Obama administration “cherry-picked intelligence to justify a strike against Assad.” The administration failed to disclose it knew Syrian rebels in the al-Nusra front had the ability to produce chemical weapons. Evidence obtained in the days after the attack was also allegedly distorted to make it appear it was gathered in real time.


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    • I agree Jerry, very smart guy ~ wide awake, sharp as a tack.

      The engineers of consent are a few basic tools short of a full kit.

      The government narrative assures that the electorate will always fall into two camps, dumb shits and patriots.

      Secret intelligence is a black zone, never revealed. The challenge today as Richard Thieme puts it, is the illusion of free flight for birds in a digital cage whose boundaries are constantly mutating/morphing.

      The orchestrated public charade is a facetious display of normality, conducted by window dressers, fembots and shysters.

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