Rick Rozoff: The Target Has Never Been Iran, the Target Has Been Russia

7 responses to “Rick Rozoff: The Target Has Never Been Iran, the Target Has Been Russia

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  5. David Llewellyn Foster

    I would add this observation: according to the principle of divide and rule, in order to prevent China and Russia forming an invincible alliance, the US super-cabal(s) see(s) the necessity of not allowing Iran to be the lynch-pin in such a powerful trans-Eurasian confederation.

    In this respect, Iran will always be the target, for if the US can control Iran they can frame the East-West “Eurasian” dialectic

    Because the pragmatists within the EU recognize the need to keep their continental energy corridors open, and also (although this is seldom stressed,) strengthen historic post-WW2 Sino-German industrial reciprocity, this entire matrix of power-ploys remains fluid and ambiguous.

    The world “problematique” cannot be played out on a simplistic nuclear chess-board; the real state of play more closely resembles the dynamics of Go ~ the Japanese tactical game of territorial entanglement.

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