Kevin Zeese: US Pushing for the Most Extreme Pro-Transnational Corporate Power Positions (#TPP)

Stop TPP -  Total Peasant Pacification

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TheRealNews on Dec 14, 2013

Kevin Zeese: U.S. Trade Representative wants to keep the public in the dark because TPP will threaten food safety and raise drug prices, and many Asian countries involved in negotiations are also turned off by the deal.

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15 thoughts on “Kevin Zeese: US Pushing for the Most Extreme Pro-Transnational Corporate Power Positions (#TPP)

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  8. The people, including Obama, pushing for this TPP must be a bunch of total idiots! With these draconian measures all that will be accomplished is to kill/eliminate future consumers/customers. Ever heard of thinking past your nose??? The right of multi-nationals to sue for eventual loss of profits: this is the infamous Chapter 11 from NAFTA. The FTAA (Free Trade Agreement of the Americas) also tanked because of major Latin American opposition. We can only hope that TPP will also tank. Shareholders of these multi-nationals: you too have blood on your hands!

  9. Mr. Zeese does a great job of explaining the TPP in 10 minutes. One could safely say that those who listen to this interview will share an opinion that contains the feeling “stick the TPP where the sun doesn’t shine” as its basis. Excellent 10-minute interview.

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