Pope Francis Labels Capitalism “New Tyranny”, But Is It More Than Rhetoric?

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TheRealNews on Dec 15, 2013

Matthew Fox and Luke Hansen discuss Pope Francis’ recent anti-capitalist rhetoric and whether there will be any changes to the church’s economic practices. 



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11 thoughts on “Pope Francis Labels Capitalism “New Tyranny”, But Is It More Than Rhetoric?

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  6. One thing’s pretty certain, he doesn’t do his own laundry and although he certainly can’t outsource it to the Magdalene Asylum these days, I dread to speculate what horrors must still persist in Italy.

    Moreover, he’s not exactly homeless. Why should a vicar of christ live in a vast palace anyway? Mugabe got the idea of sumptuous extravagance from someplace after all. Perhaps there’s a modest chamber someplace in the sprawling and cavernous theater of conspicuous ostentation that is Vat Central where a monk can dwell in exemplary simplicity.

    Then there’s this awkward minor detail of following the Jesuit money…something that Karen Hudes the World Bank attorney seems to be fairly keen on.

    Mathew Fox is being disingenuous. He’d probably make a far better pope. Modest means is not exactly what the misogynous Roman hierarchy is best known for. Consider those gigantic international landholdings, never mind the cumulative museum treasures, the art, invaluable library collections & heritage properties, aristocratic estates, those discreet “Black nobility” endowments and the never ending truckloads of Peter’s pence.

    I just don’t buy it. Justice for the poor? What’s he going to do, send them gold plates to break their denatured glyphosate-saturated bread on? It may sound cynical but I’d say that was a realistic assessment.

    Criticize the economic system all you like Frank, but the holy facts belie your hollow blag.

    • David , still dont get it do you . first off –correction –Francis lives in a hotel room . i know that you take Voltaires position of ”crush the infamous thing ”, but even my most anti-catholic friends like this Pope . i dont understand why you are dragging your feet on this one . have you not read what he wrote ? do you not know that he fired the Archbishop in Germany for dirty money dealings ?

      maybe your bias is a British thing . i dont know . I am not speaking as a Catholic now . ..believe it or not . i volunteer almost nightly with secular radical activist at emergency shelters when the weather really drops here. even these cats like him. the radical feminists i know do too.

      you want the realistic assessment –you are just on the brink of witnessing the history of ( and i admit it is rare ) of the Bishop of Rome do what he is supposed to do

      • just like Pope Gregory the Great or Pope Leo the great –which is what Francis has said ”you will never understand the joy of the gospel unless you help the destitute and poor ”. let me tell you — this Pope is just getting warmed up! and the most virulent Fascist American talk show radio people hate him and call him a commie . do you want to be associated with them ? why dont you join us in this activism ( now i speak like a catholic ). he is in the process of disinvestment of the Vatican now . he has begun with the cars that they own . Next –the pedophile priests .

        from all the discussions we have had , i do not think you do . there is a work being done at the top of the food chain that one day even you will marvel at . yes ..even YOU will marvel at ! in the meanwhile

        • belly up to the bar and watch what Pope Francis says he is doing by making the Church ”less Vatican centric ”( exact quote ). the pyramid is slowly being turned rightside up , and those who fight this great move will be left in the old paradigm . i dont think that you want to be left out by your own free will in joining the naysayer hate talk radio American propagandists . that is not you .

          i have waited my whole life for a Pope like this . and he is here and kicking ass and taking names at the top of the power structure starting with the Curia and its Courtiers , of what he calls the ”Leprosy of the Vatican ”. stay tuned pal , brace yourself for spiritual elimination or prepare for the changing of the guard .

        • Now that’s what I want to hear R I’d so love you to be right ~ nothing I want more than witness this just result truly rolling out as we celebrate the hermetic evisceration of the whole corrupt miasma.

          If he’s to be really thorough though, he’ll need to have a discreet word with Q Elizabeth II about her sprightly-knightly Maltese mafiosi buddies and those not so “royal” relatives like Juan Carlos and the rest…so if he can really pull this one off you can be sure I’ll be the first to eat my words and ululate his praises like a demented muezzin!

        • hahahahahahaha! David, got to love the British! hey, incidentally, i just ordered Noel Langly’s directed 1952 BBC ”The Pickwick Papers” movie, black and white. I got for Christmas the best 67 essays of G.K.Chesterton called ”in defence of Sanity”. G.K. gets Dickens big time. the essay on Pickwick is priceless.

          just got the book, cant wait for the movie.

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