Chris Hedges: Resistance Quickens By Having People Who Remain Steadfast, interviewed by Derrick Jensen

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with Chris Hedges

Resistance Radio
Dec. 22, 2013

Chris Hedges is a longtime foreign correspondent who was part of a team that won the Pulitzer prize for their coverage. He has been in combat zones more times than he wishes to recount. He is a powerful social critic and critic of capitalism, and is the author of more than ten books, including War is a Force that Gives us Meaning; Death of the Liberal Class; and Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt. […]

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7 thoughts on “Chris Hedges: Resistance Quickens By Having People Who Remain Steadfast, interviewed by Derrick Jensen

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  4. One of the best interviews I’ve heard in a while. I’ll have to listen to it again to get all the column and book references they mentioned. I read the column he wrote,”We’re all aboard the Penoud.” I’d recommend reading that too. It’s on Truthdig dated July 7th. If you don’t see it just search for Chris’ name in a search engine and “We’re all aboard…” and it should pop up. I found what he said about Montgomery particularly interesting. If they think our states leaders who all owe their loyalties to Washington D.C. are going to secede they are mistaken. People like Rick Perry just use it to gain support from their base. We shouldn’t be afraid to act, “they can do this,they can do that.” Who cares, there’s millions of us and few of them. They know it too, look at all they are doing to protect themselves.

  5. Great analysis, pellucid “comme d’habitude…” the bird sounds certainly alerted my neighbors’ cat!

    The immediate conundrum is surely whether or not we MUST stick with the devil we know. After all, if we follow the options in Melville’s tale, the only way to escape Ahab’s destiny is mutiny or to jump ship ~ assuming of course there is another vessel to hand. But then, what guarantee is there that this alternative destiny may be commanded by a saner individual? This is also the paradox of “revolution.”

    If it falls to the crew we are stuck with limited choices. So should we applaud, as we witness the implosion of “Western” capitalism, only to regret the catastrophic appropriation of its “means” by ostensibly less overtly neo-Darwinist ideologues ~ of the Sino-Russian syndicated persuasion, for example?

    Then where will we be? Of course this is exactly the logic that motivates the exceptionalist policies of Neocon berserkers, like Cheney and his elitist ilk. If not “us,” then some other us, with a different taste in boring jackets.

    No, it is the apotheosis of capitalist (…ie the top-game itself…) ~ or by any other name ~ supremacy, that is the problem. The winner-takes-all mentality is a lunatic conceit, a little boy’s wet-dream where the victor (like “Great” Alexander for example) sports the invincible laurels of his almighty god of choice, as evidence of that power’s most high magick; so, such a gifted fanatic will always be a conquering hero to some, but a murderous thug to others…leaving aside any arguably redemptive (but partially suppressed?) innate virtues, of course…

    The alternative, if one can call it thus, is for each and every individual whatever their gender, to devote themselves to the sovereign path closest to their heart, without hindrance by the state or any other abstraction; and, thereby rejoice in the experiential aspiration to realize their own unique example of spiritual diversity. That is a choice that demands real courage, incorruptible loyalty to principle, pure intelligence and uncompromising moral conviction.

    In the highest (metaphysical) sense such an empirically “political” universe of ethical consciousness should, of necessity, be convergent and coherent; but, lest it fall into the subjectivist error of monotheistic dogmatism, it must remain absolutely free. A true individual is therefore a singular incarnation of the uncompromised expression of spiritual liberty.

    In my book, this is what authentic autonomy really amounts to.

    One of the sanest discourses I have heard recently, that seems to me to cut to the very quick of such political immediacy, is that articulated by the Israeli “General’s Son,” Miko Peled.

    Highly recommended.

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