Israeli Airstrike Hits Near Khan Yunis In Gaza Strip

Israel your greed isn't worth our children's lives

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harryfear on Dec 24, 2013

Video by Hassan Rabie at


Video: 3-year-old Palestinian Killed in Gaza Airstrikes

harryfear on Dec 24, 2013

Video by Hassan Rabie. Local Hamas-run Al Aqsa TV broadcasts images of body of Hala Buhairy (Abu Sbeikha), 3 years old, killed today in Israeli airstrikes.

Thanks to Hassan Rabie for the video at


Attacks come shortly after Palestinian sniper killed Israeli

PressTV Videos on Dec 24, 2013

Israeli warplanes have bombarded the Gaza Strip, killing at least two Palestinian and wounding several others.

Eyewitnesses say Israeli warplanes targeted the southern city of Khan Yunis. Two more strikes were reported in the east of the Gaza city and another in the center of the impoverished enclave. The attacks come shortly after a Palestinian sniper shot dead an Israeli along a border fence in the north of the coastal enclave. The incident seemed to be in retaliation for the recent killing of Palestinians in Gaza by Israeli forces. The Israeli military shot and wounded a Palestinian in northern Gaza on Monday. Another Palestinian was wounded by Israeli troops on Friday in southern Gaza, a day after a young Palestinian was killed and four others injured by Israeli fire.


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    • Absolutely tragic. Once again during the holiday season, too. My sincere condolences to the families for their losses of their loved ones, especially the parents of the 3 year old child.

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