Glenn Greenwald’s Keynote on 30c3: The Goal and Duty of a Journalist is to be Adversarial to Those People in Power

Glenn Greenwald

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Albert Veli on Dec 27, 2013

Hamburg. 27 December 2013.

[Greenwald begins at 4:36 mins into the video. Q&A begins at 49:00 mins in.]


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5 thoughts on “Glenn Greenwald’s Keynote on 30c3: The Goal and Duty of a Journalist is to be Adversarial to Those People in Power

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  3. We should face the unpleasant reality that the US administration has been way out of line for way too long. The cumulative evidence is just too overwhelming to ignore. It reveals a litany of crimes equal to any ever perpetrated. Who in their right mind dare deny it?

    Were it not for the tireless efforts of a few exceptionally brave journalists and those rare academic historians, artists and scholars of conscience with a sense of integrity that supersedes the allure of tenured celebrity and the promise of glittering prizes, the truth would still be concealed behind a mountain of myth and deception.

    People may find it repugnant to accept the extent to which their country’s imagined political morality has been compromised and kidnapped, but that really is their problem. A nod is as good as a wink to any citizen who insists on wearing equine blinkers, whatever their partisan colo(u)rs.

    Allegiance is meaningless in a world that has abandoned the rule of law or any standard of acceptable accountability. Denial is not a solution ~ it is not even an intelligent option.

    Believe what you want, but facts will eventually triumph, and their truth compels us to consider the authenticity of our actions, what determines our ethical choices and what it will take, to challenge our complicit attitude toward what constitutes “normality”.

  4. Not necessarily adversarial but, for heaven’s sake, report and stick to true facts. Stop selling your souls and integrity to the highest bidders – morally, the lowest ones.

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