Julian Assange: Surveillance is New Strategic Weapon Owned by Single Power + Mediastan: WikiLeaks ‘Road Movie’

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RT on Dec 29, 2013

RT discusses WikiLeaks’ road movie ‘Mediastan’ with a special panel of guests, including film creator Julian Assange, journalist and director Johannes Wahlstrom, and Enayat Najafizada – a young Afghan journalist and one of the heroes of the movie.

Our guests raise many questions about the film, including Snowden’s revelations, Glenn Greenwald’s role in the story, and the NSA’s global surveillance program.


Mediastan: WikiLeaks ‘Road Movie’

RTQuestionMore on Dec 20, 2013

What would a former Gitmo detainee, a journalist in a small central Asian newspaper and an editor of a big Western publication have in common? They are provided with documents from WikiLeaks about politics in the region, but what will they do with them? More info: http://on.rt.com/rv5ose

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5 thoughts on “Julian Assange: Surveillance is New Strategic Weapon Owned by Single Power + Mediastan: WikiLeaks ‘Road Movie’

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  4. Fascinating and important perspectives.

    The interlocking infra-structure that constitutes US global “interests” is a daunting mechanism to deconstruct, not the least because at every every vital nexus we find complex organic inputs and ambiguous gate-keeping functions, from and perpetuated by human beings.

    One thing is clear to me, the greening of our pale blue, sun-saturated spinning cosmic “dot,” is not just about reforestation, or pollution controls or any other vital agenda, however urgent and necessary; but most essentially, critically, and pragmatically, it is about hearts, minds and enlightened initiatives ~ or in a parallel universe of discourse, true “leadership.”

    Leadership manifests in a variety of diverse forms. The irony of our present situation, is that most of those who profess to be “our” leaders are actually following a prescribed “antediluvian” script ~ a formula of extinction.

    The real (spiritual) leaders are often unsung and shy of publicity; perhaps they are local heroes/heroines, maybe even invisible, because of their subtle influence & quiet, arguably sacred activities and lack of ostentation..

    Such “holy fire” may burn slowly and un-dramatically, but it illuminates the world nevertheless. It is a deep paradox that within the “unconscious” darkness of the human soul, may dwell the truest keys to the sources of individual illumination.

    Don’t let yourself be intimidated by those who do not have the existential courage (or intelligence,) to heed the latent wisdom of their unconscious.

    Don’t be “afeared” or misled by the dark either ~ without it there are no stars to behold!

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